Korean celebrities Se7en, Lee Da-Hae announce wedding
Korean celebrities Se7en, Lee Da-Hae announce wedding Image Credit: Instagram/@Lee Da-Hae

Congratulations are in order for Korean singer Seven and Korean Australian actress Lee Da-Hae. The South Korean celebrity couple took to Instagram this week to announce that they will get married in May.

Fans of the couple are thrilled at their decision to tie the knot, finally, after eight years of dating.

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On March 20, Lee Da-Hae and Seven made the news public on their personal Instagram accounts.

Da-Hae shared a few wedding announcement pictures with a letter to her family, friends, and fans in the caption.

“Hello everyone, this is Lee Da-Hae. It might not be much of a surprise because we have been dating for eight years, but it’s still a little embarrassing… I’ve thought hard about how to say this. In May, we have promised to no longer be a long-standing couple and to get married. I’m still used to calling him my boyfriend, but I will be even more caring and supportive to Seven as his wife and lifelong partner.

“Thank you for staying by my side and giving me happiness. It would be great if we could get married with your love and support. I will also repay your love as an actress.... Thank you,” wrote Da-Hae.

Her celebrity beau, whose real name is Choi Dong-Wook, is also known as Se7en among fans. Seven shared a photo of a handwritten note announcing the wedding.

“Hello, this is Se7en. [The year] 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of my debut. I don’t think that would be possible without the love of my fans, who have always supported me. Thank you so much.

“Today, I am going to talk about something that I wanted to share with you all first. I have some good news. For the past eight years, we have shared both happy and sad moments. Thank you for supporting me with your love. Alongside my girlfriend, Lee Da-Hae, we have promised to get married on May 6. From now on, I will be more mature and take responsibility for my actions as the head of a family and a husband. Once again, thank you for always supporting me. With this thankful greeting, I will show you a better side of myself. Thank you, Se7en,” the singer wrote.

Se7en, who released his debut album Just Listen, back in 2003, dropped his most recent EP (Extended Play) record, Ride, in November 2022. Lee, meanwhile, has been regularly seen in K-dramas throughout her career and has had roles in Miss Monte-Cristo, The Good Witch (or Nice Witch), Hotel King, and more.

Ecstatic fans took to the comments section to congratulate the duo.

“Congratulations! Glad to hear good news… they're such a gorgeous pair. I will continue to cheer for Seven without any change. Don't worry about anything and sing great songs,” wrote @yuchin7, like many other followers of the singer.

And @schiu.da commented: “…my eternal idol, congratulations on your wedding. I wish you a happy day filled with many blessings. [Hope] You will be happier when you get married!”

With many heart-shaped emojis, South Korean singer @bada replied to Da-hae’s post: “Congratulations! Finally…”

And, @percivalalanes posted: “Happy for both of you! May you have a happy married life full of respect and love for each other that will last a lifetime. Congratulations and best wishes!”