Image Credit: AFP/ANI/IMDB

Google's 25-year time capsule reveals the decades, sports, and icons that shaped our searches. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Google has unveiled a special video exploring the trends of the past quarter-century.

Shared on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), the video reflects on the most-searched moments globally since Google's inception.

The caption accompanying the post underlines the transformative nature of the last 25 years and anticipates significant changes in the next quarter-century. The post encourages a reflection on the "most searched moments of all time" with the hashtag #YearInSearch.

The time-capsule video serves as a comprehensive compilation, categorising significant global events under various themes. Initial categories include Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk as the most searched step in history, the 1980s as the most searched decade, and football as the most searched sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes the spotlight as the most searched athlete, celebrated for his iconic Siuuu celebration style.

LeBron James claims the title of the most searched Most Valuable Player (MVP), while Virat Kohli emerges as the most searched cricketer.

As for fictional characters, 'Pikachu' from Pokémon secures the position of the most searched, while Harry Potter wins as the movie-franchise with the most searched cast.

Homer Simpson represents the most searched character from 'The Simpsons', and Bollywood stands out as the most searched movie genre.