The cast and crew of 'Bawaal' at their trailer launch at QE2 in Dubai
The cast and crew of 'Bawaal' at their trailer launch at QE2 in Dubai Image Credit: Clint Egbert

Bollywood actors Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor compared their troubled romance ‘Bawaal’ to a crash course in life and history at a press conference in Dubai.

They made a big splash in the UAE by revealing their film's trailer for the first time to their fans atop the floating hotel and cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 on July 9.

“This film will teach everyone a lot. In today’s world where everything is not organic and manipulated, this film is close to the truth of life. There are no filters to the characters in this film,” said Dhawan at a star-studded press conference in Dubai on Sunday afternoon.

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Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, ‘Bawaal’ is a sweeping saga of a married couple played by Dhawan and Kapoor who hit a rough patch. The trailer, which was revealed in Dubai in front of more than 150 journalists who flew in from India and other parts of the world, showcased a young married couple who hit rough weather. The trailer of ‘Bawaal’, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and releasing on Amazon Prime Video on July 21, juxtaposes their marital strife that moves from India to Europe and compares the turbulence to how the second world war panned out.

“Working with Nitesh Tiwari has always been on my bucket list. I have always wanted to work with him since ‘Dangal’ … I can tell you honestly that this is one of the best characters that I have worked with,” said Dhawan. He plays a history teacher in Kanpur, who falls in love with Isha (Kapoor). But their love seems to be on shaky ground, and their rift amplifies when they travel to Europe. But the director cautioned us that their film is not about Hitler or the atrocities of World War.

“When you start writing the arc of the character, it’s not about Hitler. There are so much more to it. Every incident in World War II has been carefully chosen,” said Tiwari.

The press conference, which also saw Dhawan’s youngest fan and dancer Kashvi Majmundar ask him a volley of questions on acting and love for his craft was a mixed bag.

"I always dreamt of being an actor and I manifested it entirely from the word go. I was scared to even tell my dad, who was so successful, that I wanted to be an actor until I bagged Student Of The Year," said Dhawan. Kapoor too joked that she loved acting so much that she begged and haunted director Tiwari to allow her to play the lead in 'Bawaal', which means catastrophe when translated from Hindi to English.

The conference was also filled with light moments.

“Please don’t ask me any history question,” warned Dhawan at the start of the press conference.

‘Bawaal’ will be out on Amazon Prime Video on July 21.

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