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Bollywood singer Mika Singh threw his weight behind Salman Khan and his decision to sue self-proclaimed Bollywood critic Kamaal R Khan (known as KRK).

Singh claimed he will even compose a song with a derogatory title called ‘KRK [expletive]’ to drive home his displeasure.

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Earlier this week, the veteran actor’s lawyers filed a defamation suit against KRK for alleging that he was money-laundering by using his charity organisation Being Human as a shield for his fraudulent activities. However, KRK claims on his Twitter timeline that the superstar has sued him for his scathing and negative review of his Eid release ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’.

“KRK is a [expletive]. Salman Khan should have filed the case on him a long time ago. KRK intentionally says nasty stuff to get attention so that he keeps getting publicity. He makes personal attacks, he starts attacking family members. This is wrong. He talks absolute garbage, starts abusing people, he just says anything to anyone and the entire entertainment industry is silent. Someone needs to give him a proper reply,” Singh told reporters in India.

He also added that his song, directed at the acidic critic, wasn’t meant to court controversy. KRK should have been brought down a peg much earlier, believes Singh.

“People from our industry should have filed a case on him a long time ago and put him in his place ... I am a singer and I am just replying musically, on behalf of everyone,” claimed Singh, who is now fighting Khan’s war by proxy.

Meanwhile, KRK isn’t backing down and continues to claim that he had merely expressed his thoughts on the film and that a lawsuit was excessive. But Salman Khan’s team continues to maintain that the lawsuit had nothing to do with his review of ‘Radhe’, but was against his repeated slander against their client.

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Salman Khan- starrer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai will release in theatres in India and worldwide during Eid in May Image Credit: Supplied

“20 Bollywood people have called me to give me their support. They said, that they were not able to do that whatever I am doing. Because they were not ready to have direct conflict with him. They were scared to make him their enemy. I say Thank you all so very much!,” tweeted KRK.

He also vouched that he will continue to review Salman Khan’s films and songs in future and won’t be silenced. These tweets contradict his earlier claims that he will not review Salman Khan films if they request him to do so.

Singer Singh and Salman Khan are famous allies. Even in ‘Radhe’, Singh had a small cameo.

In December 2018, Singh was arrested and released later on charges of sending inappropriate pictures to a 17-year-old Brazilian model. The singer was in town to perform at a Bollywood awards ceremony in the UAE.