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Shah Rukh Khan Image Credit: Supplied

Shah Rukh Khan on Monday found an ingenious way to urge his fans to vote in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in India.

In a snazzy 66-second video uploaded on his official social media accounts, the Bollywood superstar has rapped about the joys of voting and how it’s the duty of an Indian citizen to exercise their rights to choose their leaders.

“Vote, vote vote ... tera [your] vote, mera [my] vote, sab ka [everyone’s] vote ... let’s vote, it’s time to vote,” Khan rapped.

“Our country will move according to the dictates of your finger,” added Khan, pointing his inked index finger.

The succinct video — which begins with the visual of Khan voting, his inked nail and his anthem to cast votes — comes with a disclaimer that Khan’s rap song isn’t about promoting a particular political party, but a voting awareness campaign.

A few weeks ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who seems to enjoy immense goodwill among Bollywood stars such as Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor, had tweeted: “Urging @SrBachchan, @iamsrk and @karanjohar to creatively ensure high voter awareness and participation in the coming elections. Because...its all about loving your democracy (and strengthening it). :)”

Trust Khan, 53, to come up with a creative solution as a counter offer.

“PM sahib @narendramodi ne creativity ki liye bola tha. Main thoda late ho gaya video banane mein...aap mat hona Vote karne mein!!! [PM sir had asked for creativity. I am late in making this video, but you all don’t be late in voting] ‘Voting is not only our Right, it is our Power.’ Please Use It.”