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Malaika Arora has been trolled on social media after sharing a photograph of herself showing that appear to show hair on her underarm.

On May 29, Arora shared a ‘behind the scenes’ monochrome image of herself from a photoshoot, on Instagram, where her arm is raised to hold up her hair. The image drew the attention of users on social media, several of whom trolled the star for showing off an underarm that didn’t appear to be shaved. Meanwhile, several others defended the actress for daring to share the unedited image.

Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora Image Credit: Courtesy of

“Atleast shave your armpits, that’s disgusting,” wrote one follower, while another said: “I can see those dirty underarms.”

However, there many others who supported the move.

“One thing I liked about this pic is unedited underarm. That’s showing originality and confidence... Every celebrity should do it... ,” posted jenajiya1.

“So apparently men are allowed to have hairs in the underarm area and if women have them it’s disgusting and pathetic? Way to go hypocrisy?,” wrote Instagram user Shelovesdarkhumour.

However, even men came out to support the star.

“Now that’s really empowering! Go girl, I always wondered why girl aren’t confident enough to show their underarm hair,” posted Neeraj Yadhuvanshi.

The post has already received over 400,000 ‘likes’ at time of writing.