Janhvi Kapoor
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After a successful inaugural festival in 2021, The Himalayan Film Festival (THFF) is all set to unveil its 2nd edition by bringing the magic of Indian cinema beyond the mainstream, to the landscapes of the Himalayas.

Nestled in the heart of Ladakh, The Himalayan Film Festival promises an enriching cinematic experience that showcases the talent of Himalayan filmmakers.

The festival presents an exciting lineup of events that not only captivate audiences but also engage and empower filmmakers.

The festival’s offerings include the screenwriters lab, short film competition, photography workshop, and masterclasses, curated by esteemed professionals from the Indian film industry, apart from the array of films that the festival will showcase over the five-day duration.

Renowned filmmakers, industry experts, and luminaries are all set to grace the event. Amit Sharma, Rima Das, and Dominic Megam Sangma led the esteemed jury for the short film competition, adding a layer of expertise to the evaluation process.

Actor Janhvi Kapoor is all set to attend the festival and share her insights and experiences through masterclasses and various other discussions.

Janhvi Kapoor
Image Credit: insta/janhvikapoor

Apart from her, other distinguished filmmakers and actors like Kenny Deori Basumatary and Vikramaditya Motwane, among others.

Janhvi Kapoor, who will be participating in a masterclass at festival said, “The Himalayan Film Festival is a great way for filmmakers from the Himalayan regions to showcase their talent and learn from industry experts. The festival will also provide an opportunity for viewers to see a variety of films and interact with filmmakers from across the country! I am really looking forward to it!”

Filmmaker- Writer, Vikramaditya Motwane whose webseries ‘Jubilee’ will be screened during the festival and will be participating in a masterclass stated, “I think the Himalayan Film Festival is very important, not just for film lovers who get the chance to actually listen to speakers, watch a lot of movies and experience something like this, but I think it is also important for local filmmakers to be able to access and learn tools that will enable them to go out there and create their film. The more we take cinema to different corners of the country, the better it is for everybody.”

A still of Motwane's 'Jubilee'

Filmmaker Rima Das whose film ‘Tora’s Husband’ will be screened during the festival and who will be a part of the jury for the Short Film Competition at THFF said, “India is such a diverse country with so many wonderful stories still untapped and unexplored. I am so happy that The Himalayan Film Festival is creating a platform to empower budding filmmakers, expose them to different kinds of films and nurture their talent.”

Filmmaker Dominic Megam Sangma who is part of the jury panel shared, “Festivals like THFF are like a bridge that connects two or more regions, helping the local community get more exposure to the world of cinema, and at the same time help reveal talent from this region to the world outside. Films from Himalayan regions hardly get represented in mainstream cinema, but festivals like this give the opportunity to showcase the works from this region. Anybody who wants to make films or loves cinema should take full advantage of this event by attending all programmes, meeting people and networking.”

“Before IPL came to India, we had only 11 cricketers. But after IPL, we had multiple teams playing in different countries. This is what happens when you have film festivals. We get to tap into the talent in the region. Festivals like The Himalayan Film Festival help artists nurture their talent through which they can really experience working in the film industry. They can make their own short films, they can get into ad films, and they can get into feature films. I think it’s a brilliant thing that’s happening, and film festivals have always helped people who want to be filmmakers,” said filmmaker Amit Sharma who will be participating in a masterclass and is part of the jury for the Short Film Competition.

Filmmaker-actor Kenny Deori Basumatary whose film ‘Local Utpaat’ will be screened during the festival added, "Film festival competitions help give one an idea of kaun kitne paani mein hai. And workshops with industry professionals are very very important because we learn some vital details from working people. For example, even after fifteen years, I remember Sriram Raghavan’s advice on using Indian cinema’s interval point to our advantage.”

The festival is scheduled to take place from September 29 to October 3, 2023.