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Rahul Vohra Image Credit: facebook.com/irahulvohra

Indian actor and YouTuber Rahul Vohra has died days after sending out an appeal on social media for help as he battled COVID-19.

The actor, 35, was diagnosed with the coronavirus last week and had been moved to a hospital in New Delhi before his condition deteriorated. Upon admission, the actor posted an appeal on Facebook, looking for a bed with oxygen, which is in short supply these days in the Indian capital as COVID-19 cases surge.

Facebook post by Rahul Vohra
Facebook post by Rahul Vohra Image Credit: facebook.com/irahulvohra

“I am Covid positive. I am admitted since 4 days but no recovery. Is there any hospital like this? Where can I get oxygen bed because my oxygen level is going down here. There is no one else to watch #delhi I am posting this because I am very helpless. Because the injustices are not able to handle anything,” Vohra posted on May 4.

He was admitted at the Rajeev Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital in Tahirpur and was shifted to Ayushman Hospital in Dwarka on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, the actor posted another message on Facebook, appearing defeated as wrote in Hindi: “If I had received good treatment I would’ve been saved. I will be reborn and do some good work. Now, I have lost all courage.” He died the next day.

Playwright Arvind Gaur paid tribute to Vohra in a Facebook post, writing: “Rahul Vohra is gone. My promising actor is no more. Yesterday Rahul had said that ′′ If I had got good treatment, I would have been saved too. Yesterday evening he was shifted from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital to Ayushman, Dwarka, but.. Rahul we all could not save you, sorry we are your culprits..”

The second wave of COVID-19 has struck hard in India with the death toll crossing 200,000. Several celebrities, including Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt and others have tested positive over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, appeals are being made on social media with people looking for oxygen, hospital beds, plasma and medication, which are in short supply in India.