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Bhopal: Prakash Jha, the director of upcoming web series ‘Ashram 3’, was attacked with ink by workers of the Bajrang Dal, a nationalist group. They also ransacked the series’ sets on Sunday during its filming.

Filming was going on at the old jail in Bhopal, when the Bajrang Dal workers stopped vehicles and pelted stones at them, leaving some crew members injured.

This is the third part of web series ‘Ashram’, where Bollywood actor Bobby Deol plays the lead role.

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Bobby Deol in 'Ashram'. Image Credit: Supplied

After the incident, Irshad Wali, DIG Bhopal, clarified, “All the miscreants have been shunned from the premises and no one has been fatally injured, though some vehicles have been damaged. Further action will be taken against those responsible.”

He added, “I want to assure everyone that a similar situation will not be repeated again.”

Regarding the incident, Bajrang Dal Bhopal leader Sushil Sudele said they took offence to the name of the show (which means temple) and the content of the series.

“We want the film industry to be promoted here in Madhya Pradesh. People should get employment, but this land should not be used to humiliate [certain communities],” he said.

“We have given only a warning for now and Prakash Raj has said that he is in talks to change the show’s title,” he continued, adding, “I repeat the show’s name will have to be changed from ‘Ashram’ or won’t be filmed here in Bhopal.”

The Bhopal Police, meanwhile, have arrested four people who ran amok on the set. Confirming the arrest, the DIG, Bhopal, Arshad Wali, said: “The situation is under control now. We have assured the director and members of his team that they are safe here.” He added that the incident was being investigated.