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The face-off between Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and actor-critic Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, shows no sign of letting up.

On June 7, Khan filed an application in Mumbai Court for contempt of court against KRK for allegedly repeatedly ignoring court orders and continuing to malign him and run a smear campaign on social media.

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The ‘Radhe’ star, whose Eid release was widely panned, earlier claimed he had filed a defamation case against KRK because the critic said his charity organisation Being Human was a cover for money laundering and fraudulent activities, and not because of KRK’s negative film review.

However, KRK claims that he was slapped with a lawsuit over his acidic review of Khan’s movie. Despite getting a gag order to mute his opinions and not mention Khan on his Twitter account, KRK has been relentlessly talking about the case without directly naming the actor.

In new posts, KRK made pointed references to ‘bhai’ (brother), a term Khan is often called.

“I can’t bear to see the pain caused to Bollywood’s bhai! Just one critic has ruined this poor person’s career! But where was his career to begin with. He doesn’t know the ‘A’ of acting. He was just a star, and I had to express my opinions to the public,” KRK tweeted.

While Khan’s colleagues have distanced themselves from the controversy, Bollywood singer Mika Singh has defended his close friend.

“KRK is a [expletive]. Salman Khan should have filed the case on him a long time ago. KRK intentionally says nasty stuff to get attention so that he keeps getting publicity. He makes personal attacks, he starts attacking family members. This is wrong. He talks absolute garbage, starts abusing people, he just says anything to anyone and the entire entertainment industry is silent. Someone needs to give him a proper reply,” Singh told reporters in India a few weeks ago.

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Mika Singh

Meanwhile, KRK isn’t backing down and continues to claim that he had merely expressed his thoughts on the film and that a lawsuit was excessive. But Khan’s team continues to maintain that the lawsuit had nothing to do with his review of ‘Radhe’, but was against his repeated slander against their client.