K-pop star Jimin of BTS to feature on Fast X soundtrack
K-pop star Jimin of BTS Image Credit: YouTube/Screengrab

K-pop idol Jimin of BTS is getting ready for his first-ever documentary titled 'Jimin's Production Diary'.

On October 10, BTS agency BigHit Music unveiled the first teaser for the documentary that fans are eagerly waiting for.

‘Jimin‘s Production Diary’ will give fans a glimpse into the solo journey of the ‘Like Crazy’ singer.

Reportedly, the film delves into Jimin’s life during the period when he was working on his debut album, ‘Face’.

The album, which features six tracks, was released last March and has since set multiple music streaming records.

The teaser for Jimin’s Production Diary showcases the artist carefully writing the documentary’s title in English, followed by some words in Hangeul.

BigHit Music took to social media to share the release calendar with Armys (BTS fans) and revealed further details about the upcoming documentary.

BighHit also revealed that the first teaser and poster of Jimin's Production Diary' will be released on October 11, followed by a ‘Keyword Interview’ interview on October 12 and the main trailer will be released on October 13, which is also Jimin's birthday.

The pre-order of the documentary will begin on October 14, followed by a photo pre-release on October 15, and a lyric video release on October 18.

The VOD (video on demand) will open on October 23 with a live broadcast from Jimin on Weverse.

In a previous Weverse message to fans, Jimin had shared: “Hello, this is BTS‘ Jimin. In March earlier this year, with a fluttering heart, I released my first official solo album, Face. Have you been enjoying it? I have some happy news to share with you today. The working process documentary for the Face album, titled Jimin’s Production Diary, will be released on Weverse.

He further elaborated, “It captures the honest emotions I experienced and the stories behind the creation of Face. The documentary also includes commentary from the individuals I collaborated with on the album. I want to share with you the behind-the-scenes moments and the journey of the album’s creation as soon as possible. I hope you’ll support and look forward to ‘JPD,’ the records penned by Jimin-ie. Let’s meet soon.”

For the uninitiated, other BTS members J-Hope and Suga have also previously released documentaries that offer a look at the behind-the-scenes of their albums.