Image Credit: Supplied

Irumbukottai Murattu Singam
Cast Vijay, Lawrence Raghavendra, Sandhya, Lakshmi Rai, Padmapriya, Nasser
Director Simbudevan
Rating TBA

Soon, however, Simbudevan stepped behind the camera to direct his maiden venture, a Tamil historical comedy Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi in 2006.

His latest movie, Irumbukottai Murattu Singam, is a mind-boggling jump from Tamil Nadu's cultural history.

It is a cowboy film, and I am not sure whether Simbudevan fancies himself to be another Clint Eastwood or John Wayne!

Irumbukottai Murattu Singam is a story that takes place in 18th century Tamil Nadu.

Padmapriya plays the unique role of an officer's daughter. "I play a village belle, though the village is Westernised," she explains.

Her penchant for the action genre came to the fore in Pazhassiraja, which also starred Padmashri Mammootty. While in Simbudevan's production she does not get the chance to play in sequences as daring as she did in that film, she points out that her co-star Sandhya does. Art director Muthuraj recreated a landscape that resembles Mexico, and chose locations close to the ancient ruins of the Vijayanagar Kingdom in Karnataka. The film will alsobe dubbed into Telugu, to be released as Super Cowboy.