BTS’ RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook’s to enlist soon
BTS’ RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook’s to enlist soon Image Credit: BigHit Music

Who knew that using a bottle of soy sauce could land global K-pop star Jungkook in trouble? Recently, the maknae (youngest member) of BTS has been accused of being involved in a cult, because he was seen using a particular brand of soy sauce in his cooking videos.

BTS’ agency Hybe has also been similarly accused of associating with a cult called Dahn World.

Fans came out to defend both Jungkook and Hybe by debunking the accusations, however, the agency seems to have had enough of online libel.

Hybe’s record label, Bighit Music, announced last night that it is stepping up its efforts to combat a recent surge in online campaigns aimed at tarnishing and slandering BTS’ reputation.

1. Soy sauce debacle

According to a report by South Korean entertainment website, netizens spotted Jungkook using soy sauce from the brand Shin Ang Chon in his cooking livestreams. Many said the brand was affiliated to the aforesaid cult Dahn World.

However, it was later clarified that that the brand’s cult ties were not with Dahn World, but another entity called Cheon Bu Gyo.

“Fans brush it off as Jungkook simply not being an informed shopper,” the article added.

2. Skincare controversy

Netizens also discovered a brand of skincare products on Jungkook’s vanity. Many said that the brand’s founders had links to Dahn World.

“Jungkook was also spotted using skincare products from the brand Hwang Chil Ga…. The brand was also spotted using Jungkook’s name to advertise their products. After fans spotted the products on his vanity, the brand actively used the tagline ‘Jungkook’s choice! Natural fermentation skincare products’,” the Koreaboo article explained.

Fans supporting Jungkook explained that the star uses a wide variety of skincare products, and that it was an unfair accusation.

However, some continued to claim that it is possible that the products were given to him by Hybe as a form of “backdoor advertisement” for the cult and brand.

Legal action against slander

On Sunday night, the label finally took to Weverse to release an official statement: “Hello, this is Bighit Music. We wish to update you on the legal proceedings being taken to protect BTS members’ rights.

“It has come to our attention that organisational efforts aimed at tarnishing and slandering the artists have escalated in recent weeks. Furthermore, malicious attempts to defame, humiliate, and ridicule the artists or spread rumors and groundless information have become excessive.

“The company views these actions as severe violation to the artists’ rights and will respond decisively, engaging with another law firm to reinforce our existing legal measures.”

The note further clarified that Bighit Music was collecting evidence of “malicious postings through real-time monitoring”.

“We will maintain a zero-tolerance policy and pursue this matter rigorously, without leniency or settlements,” the note added.

All seven BTS members are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service, as all able-bodied men in South Korea between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve in the military for 18 to 21 months. The septet renewed their contract for the second time with Hybe in 2020 and will come back together in 2025 after their military duties are fulfilled.