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Film fans at the opening of a VOX cinema in Riyadh. Image Credit: Reuters file

Dubai: Cinema ticket prices in Saudi Arabia are set for a significant drop following the recent decision by the Film Commission to slash licensing fees for operating cinemas.

The Board of Directors of the Film Commission, chaired by Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah, has approved the reduction of financial fees for various cinema licenses.

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The Film Commission said the revised cinema licence fee has come into effect. For licenses to operate permanent or temporary cinemas, as well as those with specialised needs, the updated fee is as follows:

In category “A” cities, the reduced cost for a permanent cinema licence is SR25,000, down from SR210,000. In category “B” cities, the fee is now SR15,000, reduced from SR126,000, while in category “C” cities, the cost stands at SR5,000, down from SR84,000.

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For temporary cinemas, the fees have also been decreased. In category “A” cities, the cost is now SR15,000, reduced from SR105,000. In category “B” cities, the fee is SR10,000, down from SR63,000, and in category “C” cities, it stands at SR5,000, reduced from SR42,000.

Moreover, the commission has lowered the fees for operating cinemas to show one or more films on a permanent or temporary basis.

In category “A” cities, the fee is now SR3,000 per branch instead of SR21,000 per screen. In category “B” cities, it is SR2,000 instead of SR12,600, and in category “C” cities, the cost is SR1,000 instead of SR8,400.

These adjustments aim to incentivize cinema operators to reduce ticket prices and offer attractive promotions to the public, thus stimulating the expansion of cinema screens and increasing the screenings of Saudi films.

The Film Commission said it is committed to achieving its strategic goals by enhancing the cinematic landscape in Saudi Arabia, promoting economic growth in the sector, and supporting cultural diversity in cinema.

Abdullah Al Qahtani, CEO of the Film Commission, emphasised that these measures are intended to align Saudi cinema with international standards and boost the sustainability and growth of the sector.

The Film Commission continues to prioritise the development of the film industry in Saudi Arabia, aiming to transform the kingdom into a leading centre for cinema in the region.