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The second episode of Investing in the Future shines a light on Dubai Investments’ commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible investments. Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, Head of the Sustainability Committee at Dubai Investments and the General Manager of Dubai Investments Industries and Masharie, joins host Lachlan Kitchen to talk about how the group has been integrating responsible and ethical practices into its investment strategies.

Al Raqbani also sheds light on the factors driving sustainability to the forefront, from economic diversification to global commitments such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. He elaborates on how Dubai Investments’ strategy aligns with these international objectives, fostering long-term economic stability through initiatives like renewable energy integration.

The conversation also delves into the pillars of Dubai Investments’ sustainability framework, touching on key aspects such as integrity, positive economic impacts, workforce empowerment, resource conservation, and community relationships. Al Raqbani shares compelling examples of the company’s sustainability initiatives, from transitioning to solar energy and electric vehicles to implementing innovative wastewater treatment plants.

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