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The vessel began its new winter season with a 4-night sail from Doha to Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: After the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the MSC World Europa, a lower-carbon-fuelled cruise ship made its first call at Mina Rashid on December 21.

Carrying over 4,500 passengers, the vessel and its crew began the season with a 4-night sail from Doha to Dubai. The cruise ship is scheduled to make 14 calls to Mina Rashid, bringing in over 189,000 tourists to the Emirate.

“Owing to Dubai’s strengths, including investments in the tourism industry and the expansion of cruise terminals, we predict another robust winter for the 2022/2023 season,” said Esam Ahmad, Senior Manager – Business management, P&O Marinas. “At our cruise terminal, we expect a significant rise in port calls in comparison to last year.”

“Additionally, passenger and crew inflows are expected to rise to around 600,000, which is more than double the number recorded in the previous season,” he added.

State-of-the-art vessel

Powered by LNG, the MSC World Europa emits 99 per cent less sulphur dioxide, 85 per cent less nitrogen dioxide, and 20 per cent less carbon dioxide, compared to non-LNG powered ships.

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The MSC World Europa is also the first in its class to accommodate an LNG-powered fuel cell, helping cut its carbon emissions further. Image Credit: Supplied

The 50-kilowatt fuel cell runs on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology and uses LNG to produce electricity and heat. This technology helps the vessel reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent when compared with ships powered by conventional LNG engines alone.

Saud Mohammed Saeed Hareb, Assistant Manager, International Operations, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism said: “The arrival of this eco-friendly cruise vessel is also a fitting representation of our sustainability-oriented tourism strategy, with the most modern Mina Rashid being a reflection of the city’s rapid development and relentless drive to position itself as a global destination for cruise tourism.”