Tourists in different Hotels and Towers in Dubai. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Dubai:  Statistics have it that there are more tourists roaming the streets of Dubai than local residents. In fact, as tourist numbers outpace resident numbers, the total population of the emirate increased by a whopping 459 per cent in one year.

According to a new research by On The Go Tours, Dubai is one of the top ten destinations in the world where tourist traffic is dwarfing the local population size, with total visitors reaching 15.3 million annually, compared to a resident population of only 2.7 million.

That means that for every resident, Dubai attracts more than five overseas travellers every year, marking a 459 per cent increase in total population, one of the highest in the world. That also makes Dubai the third-most visited city on the planet.

The French city of Paris topped the rankings with 18 million guests, definitely way bigger than its local population of 2.2 million - registering a 704 per cent increase.

Kuala Lumpur came second, with tourists reaching 12 million every year, compared to a resident population of 1.7 million, a 595 per cent increase.

The rest of the top ten list of cities where the city’s population grows the most due to tourism is filled mostly by European cities. Milan is in the fourth position, followed by Barcelona, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Taipei and Osaka.

On The Go Tours created the list by taking the number of international visitors to the most popular tourist destinations and compared it with the native population of each city.”[This is] to reveal just how much a city’s population grows throughout the year.”