Image Credit: Emaar

Dubai: UAE-based Emaar has just released a video  offering residents and tourists a preview of the New Year’s Eve spectacle that will be happening in about two months.

The master developer of the world’s tallest tower had earlier confirmed that the traditional fireworks display will return to Burj Khalifa on the eve of 2019 due to popular demand.

Emaar issued a follow-up statement on Wednesday, assuring residents and tourists that the end-of-the year show will be “bigger, better and brighter”, adding that it will be a show like no other.

Emaar assured that the show will be a “fascinating spectacle” that integrates LED shows, laser displays and “spellbinding” fireworks.

Hundreds of thousands of revelers that converged at Burj Khalifa on the eve of 2018 had witnessed a different kind of NYE celebration after Emaar opted to cancel the fireworks display in favour of a lights show.

Fireworks displays have been synonymous with New Year’s Eve celebrations, with popular landmarks around the world lighting up the sky at the stroke of midnight.

A lot of residents had mixed reactions last year after it was announced that the fireworks display had been cancelled. Some people welcomed the news, citing that it will reduce traffic woes, others have expressed concern that pulling the plug on the tradition could impact Dubai’s tourism sector. 

“Wrong decision not to have fireworks on Burj Khalifa this New Year,” said Joevy Lanuza. “You don’t know how many hotels, airlines, travel agents, shopping malls will be affected by this decision. Thousands of tourists from around the world are eager to come to Dubai just to witness the fireworks.”

Each year, revellers gather in Downtown Dubai, home of the world’s tallest tower and largest shopping mall, to enjoy the festivities. Back in 2013, nearly two million people converged to watch the show.

The "never-before-seen" fireworks display this year will be telecast live on televisions globally and beamed on big screens in Downtown Dubai.