THE One store at Mall of the Emirates Image Credit: Supplied

As the holiday season unfolds, THE One announces the return of its beloved festive décor, exclusively at its Mall of the Emirates (MOE) location. This year, the store transforms into a wondrous festive haven, blending THE One’s signature style and charm with the spirit of the season.

Back by popular demand, the holiday shop at THE One MOE offers customers an immersive experience into the enchanting world of festive celebrations, showcasing THE One’s unique blend of style, charm, and magic. With a diverse range of holiday themes, from vintage elegance to cosy neutrals and whimsical wonderlands, THE One’s festive shop offers handpicked, limited-edition décor items that promise to sprinkle joy and uniqueness into every home.

“Bringing back the holiday décor is a spellbinding journey into THE One’s history. We were pioneers in introducing our first Christmas shop back in 1997. Now, the decision to resurrect it was spurred by the genuine enthusiasm of our fans who missed THE One’s unique festive magic,” reflects Thomas Lundgren, Founder & CEO of THE One. “It’s not just about decorations; it’s about creating joyous connections and celebrating our distinctive identity.”

THE One’s holiday shop transcends typical shopping experiences, aiming to create an atmosphere brimming with joy and celebration. It’s a place where each detail, from the meticulously curated décor to the little train circling the Christmas tree, contributes to making the holiday experience special for each visitor.

Emphasising the brand’s innovative spirit, Lundgren adds, “Our holiday shop is an extension of THE One’s ethos – always different, always magical. It reflects our commitment to bringing fresh, unexpected elements to the festive season.”

Looking ahead, THE One plans to continue evolving this festive tradition and each year promises new themes and surprises, keeping the experience dynamic and exciting.

In essence, THE One’s holiday shop at the Mall of the Emirates is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a festive journey, a celebration of creativity and joy, embodying the brand’s commitment to being ‘Always different.’