Along with packing in all the 5G advances, smartphone makers must ensure the fastest and smoothest of charging experiences. The always-on user will demand it. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: 5G enabled models will not be the only drivers of smartphone sales in the UAE this year... that's according to the Chinese brand Oppo. Manufacturers will have to add additional hooks such as AR and VR as well as fast charging capability.

The 5G telecom network rollouts will accelerate "intelligent connectivity" and creating demand for Internet of Things (IoT) and immersive technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). "In 2021, these disruptive technologies will see more widespread adoption and find more application in daily life," Oppo suggests.

In addition, other factors that could come into play are:

All out charging

"The increased dependence on mobile devices has made fast-charging essential for today’s connected lifestyle," is the next forecast. "Fast charging will become mainstream in 2021."

As good as it gets

"The popularity of social media platforms has given rise to a host of young creators who experiment with photography, videography and even short films on their smartphones. Cameras will therefore remain an important feature of smartphones in 2021 as consumers look for more professional options on their phone cameras."

All in the customisation

"2021 will see more divergence from the stock Android experience, with operating systems, skins and user interfaces customised to reflect a smartphone brand’s identity and enhance its offering."

All shapes, all sizes

They are back after a lull - "Foldable phones rose to fame in 2020,..". Now, makers are experimenting with rollable screens and adjustable sizes.

All price bands

"5G will become prevalent on all mid to premium segment phones, and gradually moves to wider places with the speedup of 5G commercialisation."