Dubai's latest skyscraper project has set direct sights on one figure - 472.4 metres. This is the height of the world's current tallest residential, the Central Park Tower in Manhattan. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Bring up the subject of any property market’s ups and downs, but you will not see Mohammed Binghatti being shaken by such a thought. Even when he is all set to take on the project to build the world’s tallest only-residential tower.

In fact, he will not allow himself to be distracted by any noise when it comes to crafting/creating a new Dubai skyscraper in alliance with the luxury watch and jewellery maker Jacob & Co.. As per forecasts, the project development will likely take between 3.5-4 years.

“We have no concern of a market cycle,” said Binghatti. “Luxury properties are in extreme demand in Dubai and we believe this demand shall continue as it is a by-product of clear prudent planning and legislative policies by the government to stimulate the economy. Such as with Golden Visas, real estate investor long-term visas, and many other types that have been introduced to ease the ability of people from all over the world to consider the UAE a corporate and personal hub for themselves.

“Moreover, wealth migration patterns have shown a sheer interest towards the UAE from all over the world, mainly due to the stability and growth potential of the UAE’s economy, coupled with the solid safety and security of the country.”

Enough to justify the Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences to come up in a city that has its fair share of world record holding structures.

Binghatti Developers expects to take a final call on the new project within 1-3 months. Mohammed Binghatti takes the first step towards creating a 100-plus storey structure along with Jacob Arabo, Chairman of Jacob & Co.. Image Credit: Supplied

He’s on point with all these facts. Dubai and the UAE have seen a sustained inflow of new investors from outside, and these days there are many who believe more deals could have been done if only the market had some ready homes to spare. Preferably those of the luxury kind.

Binghatti will not say much about the likely end height for the tower located in Business Bay, or what the eventual cost of development might be.

“Final decision on the height is expected in between 1-3 months,” he said. “This plot has been in our land bank since almost a year.

“We have seen a clear increase in demand in Dubai’s market for uber-luxury projects. Coupled with internal research gathered by our research and development team within Binghatti that suggested many of our customers where in fact interested to see such a product offering from us.

“This shift has also been part of our long-term strategy to solidify our position in the market as a major developer that caters for all the segments in the real estate market.

“The tower is considered an architectural icon of more than 100 floors, consisting of luxurious residential units that vary in features and space and range from two- to three-bedrooms.”

  1. The residential units feature two ‘collections’ - Sapphire, which consists of residential units with two bedrooms, and Emerald Suites, all of which are three bedrooms.
  2. The upper part of the Benghati Jacob & Co Residences tower houses five exclusive penthouse units – ‘floating on top of the world’ - and offering open views of the city skyline.