Riviera, Azizi
The Riviera project by Azizi could be one of the beneficiaries in any new inward Israeli buyer interest in Dubai property. Image Credit: Azizi Developments

Dubai: Dubai's developers are directing their sales pitches to a brand new investor base - the Israelis. Azizi Developments is now extending its fly-in programme to prospective Israeli investors.

The initiative, which was originally launched in December 2019 and had to be put on hold due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, is now back. Azizi has now added Israel to the list of countries to which the fly-in programme applies.

As part of the offer, Azizi will provide customised five-star travel packages that comprise flights, hotel stays, sightseeing tours and VIP transportation across the emirate. Investors are assigned a dedicated contact person who picks them up from the airport and advises them on how to best spend their time in the UAE.

“The Dubai property market has a lot to offer and we are happy to put it on the world stage,” said Nima Khojasteh, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at Azizi. “We are delighted to now also welcome Israeli investors to our fly-on programme, which extends far beyond a mere sales technique."