Christmas gifts that aren't toys
Employee well-being is the focus of more companies offering more paid leave to employees in lieu of monetary or material benefits Image Credit: Unsplash

A new mobile phone or a spa treatment as a holiday gift for your employees? How about additional paid leave? A Philippine cosmetics company has come up with this novel idea.

Nina Cabrera, founder and CEO of homegrown makeup brand Colourette Cosmetics, this week posted a video on TikTok showing the company raffling off five days of additional paid leave as part of prizes at a Christmas party. Cabrera said on Twitter Tuesday she was inspired by another tweet on how material gifts won't matter if you don't have time to enjoy them.

The idea to give workers more paid leave is another example of how companies like Patagonia and Airbnb have adopted a framework focusing on employee wellbeing. A Gallup survey showed Filipino workers were among the most stressed in Southeast Asia, according to local media.