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DFM and Dubai Chamber will provide ongoing support to the company as they progress through the IPO process. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Dubai Chamber of Commerce launched ‘The IPO Accelerator Program’ on Thursday.

The two entities are partnering with local and international advisory firms to accelerate the growth of regional private companies and nurture them for the IPO journey.

“The Program responds to the growing interest from the private sector in Dubai to leverage capital markets, given the opportunities generating from Dubai’s rapidly growing economy as well as companies’ eagerness to tap into capital markets to implement their growth strategies,” DFM said in a statement.

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In 2022, Dubai Financial Market became one of the most active markets globally for IPOs and listings attracting five leading government-related and private companies that successfully raised Dh31 billion.

“This Program will provide businesses with the necessary education, support, and guidance to explore their IPO opportunity and contribute to the growth of Dubai’s economy,” said Hamed Ali, CEO of DFM & Nasdaq Dubai.

‘The IPO Accelerator Program’ is aimed at family businesses, large private companies, and businesses from sectors that can benefit from Dubai’s capital markets, creating opportunities for growth. The Program will host workshops to prepare businesses and offer one-on-one meetings with key prospects to create a customized route towards an IPO as well as to identify and resolve any challenges. The first workshop is due to take place in May 2023 with the participation of 40 private companies from various sectors.

“We are delighted to partner with DFM to create an environment where various companies that consider public listing or going public through IPOs can find the capital they need to grow while building visibility and credibility with investors,” said Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President & CEO of Dubai Chambers. “Following an MoU we signed with DFM last year, the IPO Accelerator Program is one of the many collaborative initiatives we have planned to support the business community.”

Once these businesses consider going public, ‘The IPO Accelerator Program’ will liaise with key advisors to make the necessary introductions, work with financial advisors for an IPO readiness check, and prepare a listing plan. DFM and Dubai Chamber will provide ongoing support to the company as they progress through the IPO process.