Abdulla Ajmal

Can you describe your journey as the CEO of Ajmal Perfumes?

While it might seem premature to chronicle an entire journey, given that I’ve recently intensified my leadership initiatives this year, my past experiences in various company departments have been invaluable. As I transitioned into the CEO’s role, my interactions with the team transformed. It’s not just about overseeing from a macro perspective; it’s also about engaging holistically with every department, region, and individual, setting clear expectations, and understanding the nuances of leadership.

Ajmal Perfumes has been a leader in the industry for many years. What sets your leadership style apart from others in the fragrance industry?

My leadership is anchored in a holistic and sustainable approach, influenced by the foundations set by my grandfather. We prioritise the quality of raw materials, always staying strong even if it means diverging from prevalent market trends. Our farm to fragrance ethos, where we are integrally involved in every step from sourcing to final product, further distinguishes us.

How do you foster a culture of innovation within your company, and how has this contributed to your continued success?

Innovation thrives when risks are seen as opportunities. At Ajmal, we encourage a culture where consensus-driven ideas are enthusiastically pursued. Mistakes are viewed as learning experiences, propelling us towards even greater innovation. This fearless yet calculated approach has kept us at the forefront.

Building a brand identity is crucial in the perfume industry. How have you built and maintained the Ajmal Perfumes brand over the years?

Our legacy lies in the trust of our customers. While many lean on aggressive marketing strategies, we see our customers as ambassadors. Our brand’s growth is deeply intertwined with their loyalty, feedback, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Ensuring consistent quality, novelty, exceptional in-store experiences, and our evolving e-commerce platform has solidified our brand identity.

Customer preferences and trends in the fragrance industry can change rapidly. How does Ajmal Perfumes stay attuned to these changes and adapt accordingly?

We maintain strong collaborations with global perfume houses, granting us insights into shifting trends and preferences. With a dedicated in-house team and partnerships with fragrance experts worldwide, we remain agile, anticipating and responding to evolving customer desires regionally and globally.

Can you tell us about your product development approach and its role in the company’s success?

Our product development strategy is synergistic. Teams across marketing, packaging, and fragrance creation collaborate closely, ensuring that every detail, from the scent’s essence to its packaging colour, aligns with our vision. This meticulous planning, rooted in storytelling and innovation, is pivotal to our continued success.

Looking ahead, what are your visions and plans for the future of Ajmal Perfumes?

I aspire for Ajmal Perfumes to cement its position as a global fragrance powerhouse. Currently, our presence spans 300-plus company-owned retail stores and we exports to over 60 countries. I aim to double this outreach in the next five years, underpinned by our commitment to quality, innovation, and global appeal.