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The latest podcast series from Gulf News, Investing in the Future, explores the strategies and visions that have propelled Dubai Investments to the forefront of the UAE’s investment landscape. Each episode in the three-part series will uncover various facets of Dubai Investments’ success as a powerful growth driver, including the firm’s diverse investment portfolio, its pivotal role in shaping the UAE and Dubai property market, and its commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.

The inaugural episode, which goes live on February 29, delves into one of the most important reasons behind Dubai Investments’ enduring success – diversification. The episode sees Gautam Mohanty, a seasoned financial services industry leader with over two decades of experience in investment banking and private equity, discuss the UAE-based multi-asset investment group’s diversification strategies.

Gautam Mohanty (right), the guest in the first episode of the podcast series, Investing in the Future, with the host, Lachlan Kitchen

Mohanty explains why a diversified investment portfolio lies at the core of the group’s success and discusses the varied sectors it strategically invests in, from real estate and manufacturing to financial services, healthcare, and education. Drawing parallels to renowned investment entities like Aegis Capital and Sequoia Capital, Mohanty tells us how Dubai Investments’ innovative approach to concentric diversification has set it apart, revolutionising traditional investment paradigms. He also sheds light on how the company’s acquisitions and investments synergise to strengthen its market position and fuel sustainable growth.

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