The battery integration in the Renault ZOE Long Range, new air circulation system and electronic management system maintains the battery’s temperature at a consistent level; making the car economical to run, even in very high temperatures. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: You want more freebies with your new vehicle purchase — free parking, free Salik (road toll), free registration, among others?

Oh, there's free charging too... because it happens to be an electric vehicle.

Just get a hold of the all-electric Renault ZOE Long Range model now available in the UAE and Jordan. Other countries in the Middle East will soon follow.

Double the distance

The latest version of Renault’s most popular 100% battery electric vehicle now boasts a record driving range of 300 km on a single charge – double the distance of the previous generation ZOE model, according to the French carmaker.


That range — which, theoretically, could take you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back on a single charge — is for real desert driving conditions, according to its Middle East dealership.


Renault was the first car maker to introduce a 100% electric car to the Middle East, and has since been blazing the trail for pure-electric, zero emissions mobility in the region.

The new model, launched this week, features Renault’s new Z.E. (that's for "zero emissions") 40 battery — a 41kWh unit delivering the longest driving range of any mass-market electric vehicle on sale today.


The ZOE is a compact 5-door city car. With sporty and dynamic styling you have to look closely to see the car is 100% electric.

Its electric badge, Z.E. signature headlamps with daytime running lights and rear lights all feature subtle blue styling cues which proudly denote it’s zero emissions status.

Inside, the light and spacious cabin offers a comfortable and peaceful driving experience.

A modern touch-screen center console provides a hub for an array of in-car features including climate control, multi-media music and entertainment, and driving performance statistics.

Charging the ZOE is easy using the cables provided and connecting to a power source via the socket cleverly positioned under the Renault badge on the ZOE’s bonnet.

The new Z.E. 40 battery in the new ZOE Long Range model has been developed in partnership with LG Chem and uses cutting-edge high-energy density lithium-ion technology.

The unit has been engineered to increase storage capacity without making the battery bigger or significantly heavier.

The battery integration in the vehicle, new air circulation system and electronic management system maintains the battery’s temperature at a consistent level; making the car economical to run, even in very high temperatures.

Whilst the ZOE Long Range benefits from extra capacity there has been no impact on charging times, according to Renault.

Recharging: 30 minutes for 80km

‘Topping up’ the battery for just 30 minutes provides an additional 80 kilometres of range.

With the charging infrastructure in the Middle East growing, in Dubai, new initiatives have been introduced by the Supreme Energy Council.

It means, EV owners can now charge for free at any public charging station until 2019, as well as benefit from an array of other benefits including free parking.

Marwan Haidamous, Managing Director for Renault Middle East, said: “As pioneers in electric mobility in the Middle East and the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe, we intend to continue to lead the way in developing electric vehicle solutions in the region."

The introduction of the new ZOE long range is an important step forward for electric mobility in the Middle East, he said, adding: Many drivers’ main fear around electric motoring is running out of battery power. Now we can offer our customers our longest driving range yet — 300 kilometres."

The ZOE blends practicality, affordability and most importantly, the freedom to drive without the worry of running out of power, said Haidamous. 

"This new model cements our position as true pioneers of electric mobility, not only here in the Middle East, but across the world."

Renault recently announced its ‘Drive The Future’ strategy – a six-year plan which will see the brand maintain its EV leadership across the globe with the introduction of eight new pure-electric vehicles and 12 new electrified models by 2022.


ZOE Long Range is now available in the UAE and Jordan, with other GCC countries to follow. 


From Dh129,900.



Free charging until 2019: The new incentives announced by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, allow new EV buyers to charge their vehicles for free at Dewa-approved stations until 2019

Free parking: Access free designated green parking in Dubai

Free registration: Qualify for free electric vehicle registration and renewal fees,

Free Salik (congestion charge): Exemption from Salik’s tag fee and a licence plate sticker identifying the vehicle as an electric car.