Elon Musk
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is back in the headlines. This time it has nothing to do with his companies, Twitter or personal relationships. The spotlight is on fitness, and Musk's weight loss journey. He has said that his slimmer version is a result of intermittent fasting, a meal plan system that allows a person a short window to eat; the rest of the day, the person fasts.

Musk, 50, revealed on Twitter to his followers that he has been intermittently fasting and that it has significantly improved his health. Check out this tweet:

Musk has often spoken about his love of eating and his desire to forgo exercise in a number of interviews and talk shows. He reportedly admitted on Joe Rogan's podcast that he preferred "tasty food" over physical activity.

The founder of SpaceX replies that he has lost almost 20 pounds (nearly 10 kg) from his original weight in response to a Twitter thread inquiry regarding his weight (before he started the weight loss journey).

Currently the Spacex CEO is embroiled in a lengthy legal dispute with Twitter after pulling out of a $44 billion bid to acquire the social media company. The disagreement will be resolved through a trial, which will start in October.