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In the dynamic world of investments, Dubai Investments has become synonymous with a pioneering business model that thrives on diversification. As a cornerstone of the company's operating ethos, diversity passes through every facet of the Group’s business portfolio, setting it apart as a true trailblazer in the world of investments.

Within Dubai Investments' diversified portfolio, the group stands as a powerhouse, seamlessly navigating industries such as real estate, construction and contracting, financial services including banking, insurance and investment management, healthcare, strategic investments in the education sector and business in other sectors complementing the existing sectors. This multisectoral approach not only showcases Dubai Investments' adaptability but also reinforces its commitment to shaping a dynamic and a resilient economy.

Real estate - transformative projects redefining urban living

Dubai Investments stands as a beacon of excellence in the real estate sector, boasting a rich tapestry of projects that redefine the urban landscape. The real estate projects of Dubai Investments, exemplified by the iconic Dubai Investments Park (DIP), serve as a testament to the company's vision. DIP is not merely a development; it's a thriving ecosystem that caters to commercial, industrial, and residential needs, embodying the diverse dynamics of modern urban living. The company's portfolio of projects across different emirates is a testament to its commitment to providing transformative developments. Extending the real estate sector expertise beyond the region is the group’s latest DIP Angola project in Angola.

Building materials, construction and contracting – facilitating diversified solutions

Within the expansive realm of building materials, construction, and contracting, Dubai Investments takes centre stage as a diversified powerhouse, particularly shining in the glass sector. The group's expertise in glass is exemplified through its pioneering companies such as Emirates Glass, Emirates Float Glass and Saudi American Glass, which are all at the forefront of innovation in the industry. With cutting-edge technology and a relentless pursuit of excellence, the glass companies produce a diverse range of high-quality glass products catering to architectural, automotive, and decorative applications. The group's presence in the steel industry is marked by expertise in steel production, fabrication, and distribution. Dubai investments diversification within the building materials, construction, and contracting industry extends seamlessly into various other niches, like aluminium, polystyrene, metals, switchgear, lighting and laboratory furniture that further position the group as all-in-one solutions provider.

Education – shaping future generations

As part of the group’s strategy to create a diverse portfolio of investments that help shape society, Dubai Investments has made several investments in the education sector and has plans to expand across the region. Dubai Investments is poised to make substantial investments in the educational sector through its collaboration with Africa Crest Education Holdings Limited (ACE Holdings). ACE Holdings aims to introduce SABIS-branded international schools strategically positioned across Africa. In tandem, Dubai Investments and ACE Holdings join forces with other sponsors to amplify ACE's footprint, extending educational opportunities throughout North and East Africa. This commitment underscores Dubai Investments' dedication to fostering educational growth and excellence in the continent.

Healthcare – nurturing health, empowering lives

Dubai Investments stands as a key player in the healthcare sector. Globalpharma, a leading pharmaceutical company under Dubai Investments, is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality medications, contributing significantly to the healthcare landscape. Dubai Investments has made notable strides in the healthcare sector, marked by strategic investments in well-known and recognised healthcare facilities, solidifying its commitment to advancing medical care and innovation in the region with the recent acquisition of shares in Global Fertility Partners standing as a prime example of its astute investment approach in this vital industry.

Financial services – elevating financial horizons and empowering future

In the financial sector, Dubai Investments excels through offering a comprehensive suite of services. Al Mal Capital, a pioneer in investment solutions and wealth management, shapes financial futures with its innovative approach, offering tailored services and strategic financial planning. On the insurance front, National General Insurance Company stands out as a dedicated provider, providing comprehensive coverage across the insurance realm, further bolstered by Dubai Investments' ownership of 48.3 per cent stake.

By positioning the group as a key player in various sectors, Dubai Investments has not only weathered economic storms but has become a catalyst for positive change. As Dubai Investments continues to evolve, its pioneering spirit in embracing diverse opportunities stands as a beacon in the investment landscape, inspiring others to follow suit in the pursuit of sustainable and resilient growth.