Xclusive Yachts
Amit Patel, Managing Director and Founder of Xclusive Yachts Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai’s leading yacht rental company Xclusive Yachts is making major strides in the boating industry. Famously known for its luxury private yacht rentals, the company has now taken its boat membership to new strides. Expanding its boat club fleet by adding another 30 new boats in the next 6 months with an investment of over Dh10 million takes the total count of boats in the club to 50.

Amit Patel, Managing Director and Founder of Xclusive Yachts commented, “Since the start of our operations 15 years ago, there has been a tremendous shift in the perception of boating. Earlier, it was all about owning a boat. The ultimate status symbol of success and wealth, however now, with the costs, regulations, and maintenance involved, the newer generations prefer becoming members of boat clubs.”

This shift in user behaviour led to the launch of Xclusive’s division named Xclusive Boat Club. Introduced in 2019, this concept has expanded its operations from Dubai Marina to Abu Dhabi and now recently opened at Dubai Harbour.

Today, millennials are slowly drifting away from the concept of asset ownership. Whether it be owning a house, luxury cars, boats, or even daily usable items, owning less has become the smarter way to live. It also comes with hidden costs often overlooked, including depreciation, storage space, wear and tear, boredom, and more.

“Purchasing something isn’t about the thing itself anymore, people tend to purchase experiences these days. This new attitude toward ownership is occurring everywhere, and the sooner we realize this shift, the quicker we stay ahead of the game. Instead of moving against the wave, we decided to swim with the flow and embrace the death of ownership.

|With our boat club concept, it gives people the flexibility to drive boats, explore and experience the sea on their own. Boat sales are clearly losing the battle to boat sharing clubs and we believe this trend is here to stay. More and more people now have access to the seas then ever before," added Patel.

The Boat Club Membership offers an affordable way for boating enthusiasts for using 50+ boats ranging from cabin cruisers to fishing boats and also gives access to wakeboards, kneeboards, Jet Skis, tubes, and fishing equipment giving them a variety of options to explore the sea without the hassles that come with ownership.

For more details visit: https://xclusiveboatclub.com/