Marche Week opens with the Spinosi di Campofilone company at the international event of Expo 2020 Dubai. On Sunday, February 20, from 7pm, Marco Spinosi will preside at the Shangri-LA show-cooking event, From the Seed to the Spinosini. The protagonist is an excellent product of the Spinosi company, the Spinosini, strings of egg guitars, expertly worked according to tradition and enhanced for the prestigious occasion with a typical recipe of our territory.

The main institutional offices will attend the event including the Delegation of the Marche Region with its President, Francesco Acquaroli, and the Vice-President with responsibility for agriculture, Mirco Carloni, a delegation of Agricultural Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche, the Italian Embassy of Abu Dhabi, the Italian Consulate in Dubai, ICE in Dubai and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, as well as other figures of national and international importance.

In a highly suggestive choreography, the guests will be involved in a sensory experiential journey, in which to savour the pasta-making tradition of the historic company of Campofilone, evoking through videos and images the women who break eggs by hand and comb the pasta on the back of the knife before placing it on typical sheets of paper, in a frame, like that of Dubai and Shangri-LA, in which Spinosi wisely manages to marry the avantgarde and the future with tradition and history.

The reference here is to the theme of the Italian Pavilion, Beauty Unites People, where beauty is creative tension, and that is able to harmoniously combine innovation, the culture of know-how and the culture of well-being, respecting ancient traditions, such as that of Campofilone pasta. On the culture of well-being, the idea behind the Spinosini, the value of the correlation between health and healthy nutrition, should be emphasised.

The Spinosini were in fact produced through careful research carried out in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche which selected, for the production, an ancient grain, the San Carlo, whose excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties further qualify the goodness and flavour of Spinosini.

This has always been the goal of the Spinosi company which, since 1933, through three generations, rides on tradition and innovation, bringing to the market, thanks to research and scientific collaborations activated by the younger generations, combinations of products for the most varied needs of the consumer. The company also showcased another popular product from its portfolio, the Fettuccine Zero + at Gulfood 2022. The event was held in Dubai between February 13-17.

Thanks to the patronage of the Marche Region, Spinosi promoted the Fettuccine Zero +, a highly innovative product made with eggs and hulled red lentil flour. Gluten-free and high in fibre and protein, the product was made in collaboration with Prof. Fabrizio Angelini, a graduate in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Pisa and who has specialised in endocrinology and metabolic diseases. Prof. Angelini is also the manager of the Juventus and VR 46 Academy sports nutrition area, and president of Sinseb.

The product also won an innovative product award in the Health and Wellness category.

Marco Spinosi will also attend the Italian Dialog at the Academy Pavilion on Monday, February 21, to be held between 4.15pm - 5pm. The event will revolve around the theme, Discovering wellness in one plate & one place, in which the themes of health through nutrition will be treated in compliance with universally shared principles. The Dialog will be attended by prestigious exponents of the main Marche universities and the Marche Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on the brand visit: Instagram @pastaspinosi | Facebook @PastaSpinosi