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Mogul Press, a leading public relations and communications firm based in the USA, is expanding its PR services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet the country’s growing needs for public relations in the corporate sector, as well as for individuals looking to build a strong personal brand.

Since its inception in 2019, Mogul Press has exceeded in excellence and captured the elite PR market in the USA, UK, and several other countries. Recently the company has formally announced its efforts to broaden its sphere of influence and enter the Middle East market.

CEO of Mogul Press, Nabeel Ahmad, said, “The Middle East is a key market for us. We plan to become one of the most dominant PR firms in this region.”

He further revealed that the company is establishing a new office in Dubai and is on a swift hiring spree to expand the team and disrupt the PR landscape of the UAE.

UAE is not only known for the world’s tallest building; it is also a thriving global marketplace with conglomerates, multinational enterprises, fashion influencers, high-net-worth individuals, and elite entrepreneurs.

Countless businesses and brands aim to capture the markets of Middle-Eastern communities using the power of marketing and public relations. The right public relations strategy will allow them to manage the company’s or individual’s presence in the media and connect with the localized Middle-Eastern market while respecting and valuing the social-cultural differences and gaining the public's trust.

Mogul Press is geared to enter the market with new and innovative PR strategies specifically curated and tweaked for clients in the UAE. It has been recognised as one of the fastest growing PR firms in the world by International Business Times. Mogul Press has already partnered with many top celebrities and influencers in the region and is currently in talks with some of the leading companies in the UAE to manage their PR efforts.

CEO Nabeel Ahmad says, “Our presence in the UAE is going to be pivotal in allowing us to expand our operations to the entire Middle East.” He further stresses that the business landscape of this part of the world consists of elite clients and high-net-worth individuals, making it the perfect place for expansion. Personal branding and complete corporate brand transformation are two of the things Mogul Press excels at, and with such clients in this market, the growth and opportunity are worth the effort.

Nabeel Ahmad founded Mogul Press in 2019 and has managed to scale it as a leading PR firm as it operates worldwide with a global team of 100+ employees. Proven to provide fully integrated PR campaigns, handcraft the best PR strategies for clientele, and achieve groundbreaking results, Mogul Press is all set to pierce into the promising UAE market and create a strong impact on the overall PR landscape of the Middle East.