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Waseem Ashraf Qureshi addressing the audience at the launch event in Dubai

Enercap, a leading energy storage technology company founded in Dubai, is proud to announce the launch of Encap and Batterix, its advanced energy storage technologies for stationery and mobility storage applications respectively.

Encap and Batterix, are the first non-chemical alternative to Lithium Ion, based on electrostatic energy storage and are game-changers in the energy storage landscape delivering magnitudes better performance proven in all metrics with lower cost, longer lifetime, rapid charging, better safety and total recyclability.

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Encap and Batterix meet the tough demands of applications necessary for the energy transition. Founder and Inventor, Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, who serves also as the Chairman of Enercap, spoke about the impact of Encap and Batterix in combatting climate change. "Both brands represent a leap in energy storage performance delivering exceptional results using elements made from abundant materials and an insignificant environmental footprint. Encap has demonstrated consistent performance over its considerable long life and in harsh operating conditions, while Batterix has the highest energy density (460Wh/kg) and fastest charge time (less than 6 minutes) ever achieved.

"I can say with confidence that they will transform the way we store and use energy, thereby accelerating electrification and decarbonatisation to combat climate change.”

Saad Zaman, Chairman, Burj Capital and Executive Vice Chairman Enercap, expressed his excitement about partnering with Qureshi and Enercap. "We are thrilled to partner with Enercap, providing access to capital coupled with financial management and renewable energy investment experiance. We are working together as a team to enable Enercap to commercially scale and fulfil the global potential of the technology as a leading energy storage brand.”

Qureshi further stated that “we are launching our journey from Dubai to the world and we believe Encap and Batterix have a significant role to play in the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy system. We are excited at the possibilities ahead as Encap and Batterix make a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change." Qureshi added that “being based in the UAE has enabled us to access the human capital and infrastructure available in the UAE and provided the foundation for the continuous development of both technologies.

"With the UAE leaderships focus on renewable energy and efficiency, and combatting climate change, the environment is conducive for innovators and inventors like us to build solutions to the world’s complex energy problems, at par with global innovation hubs in the US, Europe and Asia.”

Enercap is proud to announce that this November it will be demonstrating Batterix in collaboration with a major car brand, where it plans to charge a vehicle in 5 minutes and drive it several hundred miles. This will exhibit not only the fastest charge in an EV battery the world has ever seen, but also the longest range.