Rajeev Khanna is a known and respected professional in the Media and Marketing industry in UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Dugasta Properties announces the appointment of Rajeev Khanna as its Managing Director, a known and respected professional in the Media and Marketing industry in UAE. Rajeev has spent a significant time in senior management roles with Tata Tea, Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

With this appointment, Dugasta Properties has strengthened its leadership team and will launch several new projects in addition to the projects under development. As Managing Director, Rajeev Khanna will work closely with Tauseef Khan, Chairman of Dugasta Properties and Azaan Khan, Chief Executive Officer, at the strategic level to spearhead growth.

Welcoming Rajeev, Dugasta Properties Chairman Tauseef Khan, said, “We are very proud to have a regional marketing and media guru with brilliant leadership skills joining hands with us as we chart a new growth strategy for our freehold property development business where Rajeev’s golden touch will help us to reach new heights.

“He brings on board immense knowledge and valuable industry expertise, his leadership style and excellent demeanour will be crucial to fuel the growth of Dugasta Properties to the next level.”

With over three and a half decades of experience in mainstream media in the Gulf and having closely witnessed the phenomenal change in the growth trajectory of one of the most vibrant cities on the planet, Rajeev is filled with gratitude for the opportunities he has had in his wonderful journey in the city of Dubai a journey which enabled him to learn, create and execute dreams.

From playing key roles in launching newspapers, radio stations, magazines, digital websites and staging marquee events, Rajeev Khanna – a growth strategist – was extremely fortunate to get a ringside view of the launch of several iconic businesses such as Emirates Airline, Dubai Duty Free, The Internet City, Dubai Shopping Festival and several others during this era of super growth in Dubai. He is proud to add that as media he played a very participative role in the nascent stage of the building and profiling of these world-class brands.

Being in media and also serving for over a decade as an active and elected Board Member of the International Advertising Association (IAA) UAE Chapter, gave him a holistic view and close interaction with new business developments in the UAE.

Rajeev Khanna, Managing Director of Dugasta Properties, says, “As Dugasta Properties charts a new growth strategy, we are dovetailing ourselves with the greater vision of Dubai Government’s D33 strategy”.

“The vision is to make Dugasta the first name that comes to mind when thinking of safe Real Estate investments, the objective is to develop into an investment platform that property owners prefer for best returns. Moving forward, we will create a network of happy residential communities, well located and affordable with all modern amenities”.

Dubai continues to be one of the most vibrant cities in the world, economically robust with a world class infrastructure and socially buoyant. The city lays strong emphasis on security for its residents, this is a feature which has been rapidly attracting families relocating to Dubai from across the globe. The city’s unique multicultural outreach has made it a natural magnet for investments and long-term residents, who now view Dubai not just as an alternative home but as a permanent home.

The government has made it abundantly clear that the population of Dubai needs to double in ten years. If one takes circa 2008 as a benchmark, Dubai doubled it’s population over the past 15 years to current date at phenomenal growth rates (2008-2023), imagine further doubling this base of 2023 in the coming ten years! If you do the math the expected growth by 2033 will be truly amazing!

We at Dugasta look forward to an exciting journey ahead”.