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In honour of UAE National Day, Barakat, the home-grown fresh juice brand in the UAE, has introduced its all-new Ghaf range, which includes the Ghaf smoothie and the Ghaf shot.

Celebrating the spirit of innovation led by the youth in the United Arab Emirates, Barakat has recently introduced the Ghaf range, featuring the indigenously produced hero ingredient, Ghaf leaves extract. This range includes a smoothie made with all-natural, local ingredients such as Ghaf leaves, camel milk, as well as a shot made with Ghaf leaves and green apple juice.

The Ghaf tree is also the UAE's national tree, and the late Sheikh Zayed, Founding Father of the nation, admired it for its cultural, historical, and environmental significance. The native tree has proven to be drought-tolerant and can survive in harsh desert environments. Ghaf leaves and pods have historically provided food during famines and have incredible nutritional and medicinal properties. The Ghaf stands tall as a model of tolerance, representing a symbol of stability and peace in the UAE, and has become an integral part of the lives of all UAE citizens and residents.

The method to harvest the essence of the Ghaf leaves without damaging the trees was one of the ideas presented by Salma Alzaabi, an Emirati innovator at Innovation lab programme 2.0, organized by UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturer’s Group and supported by Khalifa Fund. Salma, who has successfully partnered with Barakat on the collaborative innovation, says: “The Ghaf tree provides a ton of therapeutic benefits and is used to promote gut health. Personally speaking, for me, the Ghaf tree brings about great childhood memories where every winter my family and I would go to a camping site next to a Ghaf tree in search of shade as the cool breezes permeated its leaves.”

The Ghaf tree not only provides excellent healing properties, but also boasts a unique flavour, and its incomparable delicious, yet sharp taste makes the range enjoyable for everyone to consume.

Mr. Rashid Mohamed Alabbar, Board Member at Barakat, says: “Innovation is one of the core values of Barakat and it is our way of contributing to the UAE’s vision of becoming the innovation hub of the world. We strive to serve the best of fresh products in the most innovative ways possible, in line with our purpose of nourishing our consumers and nourishing the ambitions of our nation”

Today, Barakat is the most reputable fresh produce supplier in the country, serving premium hotels, supermarket chains, airlines, and prestigious establishments. By offering high-quality fruits and vegetables, fresh juices made daily and served inbiodegradable packaging, Barakat, which in Arabic means "blessings", is also giving back to the environment while serving the community it cares about. With a vibrant global and local supply chain serving the best of fresh from the UAE as well as from over 50 countries, Barakat has also established itself as a trusted brand in terms of consistency in taste, trust in quality, and innovation.