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Illustrative image Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Colibra, an Innovative flight compensation company, announced that its service ‘Fly Now, Pay if Okay’ is available and fully functional for users in the UAE. The service allows passengers to book flights that they only pay for if their flight arrives on time.

Launched in 2019, the app aims at ensuring that passengers only pay for journeys that are not delayed or cancelled. The company took the struggle that customers were facing in making claims for delayed or cancelled flights and made a solution, saving users hours of time and stress.

While there are many websites and apps offering a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' option - these are more to do with paying the ticket price in installments from the time of booking. In Colibra's case, the customer only pays the ticket price once the flight lands on time.

According to the company's website, once you have booked your flight, you pay nothing for the ticket cost in case of flight delay of more than 3 hours or cancellation. Tickets are available to book through the app and are only available for flights that depart and arrive within 30 days. 

Kalojan Georgiev, CEO and Co-founder of Colibra said: “We continue to innovate where it is necessary. In the travel industry the passenger carries all the risk and pays upfront. This is simply not fair. We resolved this issue. At no extra cost." Colibra can be downloaded on both the AppStore and Google Play.

Colibra said they were working on adding hotel providers to the Book now, Pay if Okay solution. This way travelers won't have to pay for hotels when their flight gets cancelled and they cannot use the service. Colibra is also launching a Colibra token, marking its entry to crypto. The token holders will be able to obtain different levels of discounts on both flights and hotel services as well as unlocking secret deals.