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Kamal Nath, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, during an interview in Emirates Towers Hotel Dubai on 6th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News Image Credit:

Dubai: India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh is seeking Emirates flights to two of its main cities to boost tourism and investment, a top official told Gulf News.

In an interview at Emirates Towers on Wednesday, Kamal Nath, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, said Emirates is capable of connecting the world to his state, home to 78 million people.

The chief minister, who was in Dubai to attend a leadership forum event on Wednesday, said he held talks with senior officials to explore flight connectivity with capital the Bhopal and the commercial hub of Indore. The minister said he met senior officials at the airline, requesting Emirates to consider flights between Indore and Dubai, because of the traffic from Madhya Pradesh which goes to Europe, Africa and United States.

“With Emirates flying to Indore, we will get the connectivity … so [the official] said he supports it and we should take it up with the Government of India to give them permission,” the chief minister said.

At present, Indore and Dubai are connected by Air India. “Air India carries largely Dubai destination traffic but Emirates can connect [Madhya Pradesh] to other parts of the world, which would be very good for the people of Madhya Pradesh,”

A large number of people of Madhya Pradesh are working abroad and this will give them the advantage of connecting directly with United States, Europe, he said.

Nath is also seeking private investments in Madhya Pradesh, known as the ‘tiger state’ of India because of the largest big cat population.

“I have come here to participate in Asian Leadership Forum and talk to investors. Madhya Pradesh is known for its forests, wildlife and tigers but the state can become an economic powerhouse of its own,” he said. The state is located in the centre of the country and 65 per cent of India’s market is around Madhya Pradesh, he said.

“Madhya Pradesh today is today one of the most attractive investment destinations in the country for ease of doing business … is creating opportunity for economic activity,” he added.