Passengers at the Dubai International airport. (Image shown is for illustration purposes only.) Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: UAE residents travelling this weekend have been urged to leave for the airport early, with thousands of passengers expected to fly out of Dubai for the winter holiday break.

Emirates said on Tuesday that more than 100,000 passengers will be passing through Dubai International’s Terminal 3 this coming Friday and Saturday.

The busiest day for travellers to fly out will be on December 14, just more than a week before Christmas, with more than 30,000 people expected to catch a flight.

High passenger traffic will peak again in the succeeding weekend, which will be on December 21 and December 22, as more people are set to fly back home or other destinations for the holidays.

“Peak travel will continue throughout the month,” the airline said.

Thousands of expatriates in the UAE are expected to head home or fly to other tourist hotspots during the weekend to celebrate the holidays. Adding to the airport traffic will be expatriate families who will be taking advantage of the school winter break, which will start from December 16.

To avoid delays, passengers are being reminded to ensure they reach the airport at least three hours prior to take-off, especially since there are ongoing roadworks and infrastructure projects that could slow down their trip to the terminal.


Emirates customers have the option to physically check in at the airport as early as six hours before departure. They can also check in online or opt for the home check-in service.

“With road works and infrastructure enhancements happening around the main airport highways and roads during this time, Emirates urges customers to build in extra time to their journeys to avoid potential delays,” the airline said.