Joramco to be the first MRO supplier in the Middle East to support future Boeing freighter conversions. Image Credit: Joramco

Dubai: Boeing and Joramco have recently come together to announce a partnership aimed at establishing a novel Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) line located in Amman, Jordan.

“Joramco is on track to become the pioneering MRO provider in the Middle East, lending support to forthcoming Boeing freighter conversions for both domestic and foreign aircraft,” Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) said in a statement on Tuesday.

Situated in Amman, Jordan, Joramco’s geographical location positions it effectively to offer assistance to potential 737-800BCF customers operating within the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

“Since acquiring Joramco in 2016, revenues have more than doubled, and we continue to expand our presence at our Amman, Jordan based facility, which is expected to reach 22 maintenance lines by the end of 2024,” said Firoz Tarapore, CEO of DAE. “This latest agreement underpins our commitment, and we look forward to continuing to deepen our relationship with Boeing as well as developing new product offerings for Joramco’s global customer base.”

Joramco operates as a subsidiary under DAE, a notable player with a leasing division that oversees a diverse fleet of around 550 aircraft, all leased to approximately 120 airlines spanning nearly 60 countries.

“The new 737-800BCF capability we’re bringing to our MRO is another major milestone for Joramco, and we are delighted that Boeing has selected Joramco as a future site for the 737-800BCF,” said Fraser Currie, CEO of Joramco. “Our geographic location in Amman, our deep MRO experience, and the opportunity to work together with DAE on their customers’ requirements makes this a very exciting opportunity for Joramco.”

Long-term projections point to a robust expansion of the global freighter fleet, anticipated to witness a significant 65 per cent growth, surpassing 3,700 by 2042, as outlined in Boeing’s Commercial Market Outlook. This upward trajectory will necessitate the delivery of over 2,800 new production and converted freighters over the next two decades. A noteworthy detail is that around 1,300 of these conversions will fall under the category of standard-body freighters, a group that includes the 737-800BCF.