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The hospitality and service sectors in the UAE have ramped up their freelance hires, partly owing to the seasonal staffing requirements. The chosen ones need to start on their jobs with all the required skillsets in place. Image Credit: Shutterstock

According to a study by S&P Global, the UAE’s non-oil sectors are experiencing a rapid increase in job creation. In the hospitality and service industries, outsourcing employees offers businesses the ideal solution to meet rising demand as they seek to increase their employment figures to match seasonal requirements while at the same time ensuring operating costs are contained. As the UAE job market continues to make a recovery post-pandemic, demand for skilled talent continues to rise. However, as headcount increases, so does the cost and time put into in-house recruitment. Outsourcing staffing needs has thus become increasingly in demand, as it enables businesses to lower fixed costs associated with in-house recruitment and gain flexibility to meet changing market conditions.

This year, we recorded an increase of 73 per cent in demand for flexible solutions to staff luxury retail outlets across the malls in Dubai. Increases profitability Collaborating with a specialised staffing agency enables businesses to reduce the cost and time involved in the recruitment processes, allowing them to focus on their core objectives, whilst ensuring they will receive reliable talent that will help them increase efficiency and productivity. By leveraging temporary staffing solutions, companies are ensured the utmost level of quality while having flexibility to ramp up - and down - the staffing pool to align with the varying levels of footfall throughout the year.

Not losing out on quality

Staffing agencies ensure the right employees equipped with the precise skillsets for each job, are assigned accordingly. With a thorough training process put in place prior to each assignment, clients would be able to rely on freelancers and staff them in front-of-house roles, knowing confidently that they possess the knowhow to be the face of the brand.

For the UAE, with the rising influx of tourists, hotels are operating at an increasingly high volume of guests, despite a shortage of staff. The role of staffing agencies is thus instrumental in providing skilled talent who can be trusted to be client-facing. During the first 11 months of 2022, we deployed over 280 freelancers to more than 23 hospitality groups in the UAE.

Improved productivity

New company hires require careful onboarding throughout their first months, which can hinder productivity levels across the concerned departments. Outsourcing skilled freelancers keeps productivity on track as employees are not consumed by training new members.

As the agency prepares full background training for qualified freelancers, the onboarding process ensures a seamless integration within the company and quick adaptation to its culture and values. They are also able to provide turnkey solutions for clients by handling the screening, selection, training, onboarding, performance management and payment of staff, while ensuring compliance with the UAE Labor Law.