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More than 250,000 visit DHA specialised clinics

Close to 79,000 patients visited DHA's outpatient clinics in DHA hospitals in the first half of this year

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A total of 250,589 patients visited DHA’s specialised clinics at Dubai, Latifa, Rashid and Hatta hospitals in the first six months of 2017, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed. Dubai Hospital’s specialised clinics were visited by 115,993 patients, while 55,563 patients visited specialised clinics at Rashid Hospital, 46,728 Hatta Hospital and 32,305 Latifa Hospital.

DHA also revealed that 79,053 patients visited DHA emergency Department in the first six months of this year, out of which 21,884 visited the DHA emergency department in Rashid Hospital, 39,014 Dubai hospital, 16,379 Latifa Hospital
and 1,776 i Hatta Hospital.

About 78,986 patients visited DHA outpatient clinics in DHA hospitals in the first six months of 2017.

Primary healthcare centres launch services to benefit the determined ones

Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Primary Healthcare Centres (PHC) have launched a number of packages that aim to better serve the determined ones, especially children. 

This is in line with the health and rehabilitation objectives of the Dubai Disability Strategy 2020 (DDS), which aims to provide equal rights and services to the determined ones in Dubai by the year 2020.

DDS aims to enhance Dubai’s global status by securing full and equal rights for the determined ones and ensuring they are able to thrive in an inclusive environment with suitable, accessible and quality services.

Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Health Sector and the team leader of the health and rehabilitation task force in charge of implementing DDS’ health and rehabilitation path, said the authority’s primary healthcare centres are now conducting surveys to better learn about children’s developmental growth and whether they have achieved their age’s milestone to diagnose any developmental disability early. 

Dr Taryam called on parents to take part in the survey during their visit to DHA centres to allow the authority to provide early intervention medical services.   
The workflow of these initiatives are being overseen by five teams that the authority has formed to implement the strategy’s objectives.

Director of Dental Department answers public's queries

The Director of the Dental Department at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dr Hamda Al Mesmar answered the public’s queries regarding the authority’s dental services and initiatives during a Leaders at Your Service session held on Wednesday. 

Dr Al Mesmar said DHA’s Dental Department provides a variety of services at 11 of the authority’s health centres and its four hospitals, which ranges from child dental care, gum treatment and braces to jaw and gum surgery. 

During the session, Dr Al Mesmar said the dental department has begun using 3D printing for producing prosthesis for its patients to reduce time and errors and treat patients more accurately. She explained the technology will allow dentists to simply scan the teeth using an intra-oral scanner, which will create a digital impression.

This image is then sent across to the 3D printing machine through the intranet from different dental clinics within DHA, which then replicates the image as a 3D model. The 3D model helps doctors with planning and precision, especially for complicated dental procedures and surgeries. Patients will greatly benefit from the use of this technology as it helps better patient outcomes as well as substantially reduce waiting time and cost of care. 

Dr Al Mesmar revealed that due to customer demand, a teeth whitening clinic was launched in Al Badaa Health Centre, which will run every Wednesday. “We will expand the services to other health centres depending on customer demand.”