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TikTok's beauty community tells us which essentials, from shaving oil to body exfoliator, make up a complete everything shower. Image Credit: Shutterstock

According to TikTok, Sundays are 'everything shower' days. It's when you dedicate hours to give yourself a weekly beauty reset, starting from the head, down to your toes.

Unlike our quick 10-minute showers, this prolonged affair features deep cleansing for unclogging, exfoliating and moisturising our bodies. Think of it as your hair care, body care and skincare routines all merged into one.

With over 240 million views on TikTok, the #everythingshower hashtag is a treasure chest of product recommendations and tried-and-tested regimens. It can begin with pampering the scalp and the skin, before you light your scented candles and stand under the relaxing stream of water.

Then kicks off the long, but rewarding process of applying a hair mask, scrubbing, shaving, double-cleansing, moisturising, and the list goes on. Your go-to skincare routine will be the final step of an everything shower.

BeautyTok influencers have introduced the masses to some valuable self-care trends that are still part of our routines, such as hair slugging, skin scents and skin cycling. To help you curate your own everything shower essentials, we've once again taken inspiration from the hundreds of vouched-for beauty products on the social media platform.

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1. Best Dry Brush: EcoTools Dry Body Brush

The secret to achieving the smoothest post-shower skin, is to dry brush the body before you begin. This is part of the run-up to an everything shower. Dry brushing not only exfoliates your arms, legs and torso, but it also increases circulation and massages the body. TikTok raves about this affordable EcoTools' bamboo brush that's designed for dry skin types. The bristles gently remove the day's buildup and flaking dead skin. Hundreds of five-star reviews are satisfied with how their skin feels during and after the brushing, saying the bristles aren't too hard or too soft for the job. 

2. Best Hair Oil: Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Oil

If you oil your hair once a week, try to squeeze it in before an everything shower. This way, you can refresh your scalp for even better results, when paired with a hair mask. What's been working for nearly everyone is the Mielle Rosemary Mint oil, a viral anti-hair loss product. It's infused with biotin and more than 30 nutrient-rich essential oils, such as rosemary, jojoba, safflower and tea tree. For scalp treatment, part the hair into sections, apply the oil to the scalp, massage and then comb it to distribute. Reviewers note the growth of baby hairs and the soft hydration they get after shower. Some let it sit for 30 minutes, while others apply the oil an hour before their wash routine.

3. Best Scrub: Ouai Scalp amd Body Scrub

Another well-loved beauty brand on TikTok is Ouai, and its two-in-one product comes up often in everything shower checklists. The scalp and body scrub is a weekly treatment for exfoliating buildup on the skin. It has a foaming formula with sugar crystals and coconut oil, and smells of roses and lychee. Apply it to a wet scalp before conditioning and rub it in till the scrub lathers. For the body, exfoliate before shaving. Reviewers call it the opposite of a harsh, stripping scrub, rather it is meant to add moisture despite dislodging dirt and grease. Some even call it a hydration product. Later, you might want to go in with a leave-in conditioner post-shower to beat the hair frizz, this summer.

4. Best Body Exfoliator: Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator

Some might prefer chemical exfoliation for the body. The Necessaire's entire body care line has been receiving much love from online beauty circles. Its weekly fragrance-free exfoliator is a mix of 6.5% physical and 1.25% chemical ingredients. There's volcanic pumice and charcoal in the formula, which work together with glycolic, lactic, salicylic and gluconolactone acids. Reviewers call it a luxurious experience in the shower, especially for giving them a clean, close shave. They also find the exfoliator to fade post-shaving nicks.

5. Best Shaving Oil: Tree Hut Shave Oil

It's essential to slather on some sort of lubricant for the shaving blade to glide easily. Beauty influencers trust the Tree Hut shaving oil to give them razor bump-free hair removal. It hydrates and prevents irritation at the same time, using argan oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and oat kernel extract. The unique gel-to-oil formula receives five-star reviews from users who attest to reduced ingrown hairs and no razor burns. They call it a better value for your money than a shaving cream. Plus, a little goes a long way.

6. Best Body Soap: Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar Soap (Pack of 12 Bars)

We've all heard of double cleansing the face. BeautyTok is also a firm believer in cleansing the body twice. You could opt for an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based gel. You'll be surprised to know that the Dove Beauty Bar Soap is TikTok's classic first-step shower cleanser. Most rave about its shea butter and vanilla mild soap that doesn't dry out the skin. The buttery bar is packed with vitamins and fatty acids, along with a quarter of moisturising cream. Since it's so gentle, the Dove Beauty Bar can even go on the face. Buyers confirm that it leaves no residue behind and makes the skin super soft.

7. Best Shower Gel: Naturium Perfector Salicylic Acid Body Wash

Have you caught on to the Naturium body wash hype yet? The brand's range of multi-use cleansers is fragrance-free and made with natural ingredients. Its Perfector Salicylic Acid wash is excellent for fighting bacne (back acne), where the skin renewing formula provides gentle topical exfoliation to help clear clogged pores, without drying. Great for daily use, for the body or the face, the cleanser is an all-rounder. Reviewers with bumpy skin texture, acne and scarring are increasingly impressed with this SA wash.

8. Best Post-Shower Moisturiser: Undaria Algae Body Oil

Don't pat yourself dry and head to bed. Lock in the moisture and all the goodness of the previous steps with a hydrating moisturiser. Osea's best-selling algae body oil might just be the product you need to achieve a lasting glow. It's made from soaking Undaria Algae in oil, and this seaweed-infused formula delivers antioxidants to the skin, while a botanical blend of passion fruit, rice bran oils and babassu nourishes any dryness. The oil is meant to improve the sagging of the skin over time, as well. There's nothing oily about this product, note reviewers, who add that it absorbs as soon as the oil touches the skin. Users apply it to damp skin after a shower.

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