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The gifts in our curated list won't glitch or wear out, so pick them up for Eid and surprise a loved one. Image Credit: Pexels/Antoni Shkraba

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While trendy tote bags and viral all-black watches make for eye-catching gifts, some of the best presents are those that can stand the test of time.

They’re practical and become indispensable with frequent use. Your gift recipients will likely appreciate and value their gifts the longer they use them, since they’re reliable and useful purchases.

We got down to work and scoured Amazon for the best, long-lasting presents that you can give this Eid, to a loved one, so that they don’t have to worry about expiry dates or breakdowns. Choose your favourite with Prime membership, and get it as early as tomorrow.

1. Best Tableware Gift: Japanese Ceramic Tableware Gift Set 

Made from clay and hardened by heat, crockery made from ceramic can essentially last forever – as long as you don’t drop it. Take, for example, this beautiful Japanese bowl set, which is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The six bowls are hand-painted with traditional Japanese flower motifs, which represent beauty, life and tranquility. Perfect to take with you when you’re invited for iftar or Eid, the gift comes wrapped in a rustic earthen toned box.

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2. Best Fashion Gift: Aran Woollen Mills Irish Merino Chunky Cable Knit Sweater 

Made with 100 per cent pure merino wool from Ireland, this beautiful cowl-neck sweater is going to be a winner for that person in your life who always feels cold. Soft and not scratchy at all, Irish merino wool must be hand washed and dried – if it’s well taken care of, this sweater will not pill, bulge or bag, even after decades of wear. Beautiful Aran cable knit and basket stitching add volume, texture and dimension to the sweater, compelling reviewers to rate it 4.5 stars.

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3. Best Perfume Gift: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum 

A compelling scent with a timeless appeal can leave your gift recipient with a whole new signature fragrance that she’ll use forever. That’s the potential of Baccarat Rouge 540, which has an enthralling amber woody-floral essence. Reviewers say the perfume is extremely long-lasting, lingering on their clothes and even car seatbelt, long after they’ve used it. Complex, warm and with a slightly sweet scent, the perfume comprises notes of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood and ambergris.

4. Best Gift for Cooks: Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven 

Le Creuset has been around kitchens for generations, and even today, is on the wishlist of millions of people on TikTok. Its classic enameled cast iron dutch oven is perfect for cooks among your loved ones – it’s large enough for stews, curries and soups, but can also be used to make casseroles and crusty bread. Reviewers say the wide base allows for browning without overcrowding, and many just lift the beautifully designed pot directly to the table, come mealtime. You can choose from a number of colours and sizes.

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5. Best Kitchen Tool Gift: Dansk Kobenstyle White Butter Warmer 

It may be small, with a vintage appeal and chubby teak handle, but Dansk Kobenstyle’s butter warmer is a multi-use kitchen utensil that comes in handy when you least expect it. It features a 560ml capacity, and is ideal for warming up small quantities of items, like soups, karak tea or hot cocoa. Reviewers say the wooden handle is easy to grip and makes pouring convenient. The butter warmer also looks fantastic on the stove, with its Scandinavian design.

6. Best Condiments Gift: Peugeot Paris u’Select Manual Pepper Mill 

Engineered in France, a Peugeot Paris u’Select is made to last, unlike kitschy pepper grinders that break within months of use. Since its introduction 100 years ago, Peugeot’s pepper mill has been an efficient and reliable addition to people’s dinner tables around the world. It grinds precisely, and has stainless steel gears that are finished with a patented treatment to prevent corrosion and rust. Moreover, it looks great, with its iconic design, and even comes partially filled with Tan Hoi black pepper from Vietnam to start you off.

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7. Best Accessories Gift: Graf Lantz Bierfilzl Square Felt Coasters 

Coasters make for excellent gifts, no matter the occasion. But Graf Lantz’s felted wool versions take them to the next level. Made from Merino wool, these coasters effectively absorb condensation, and don’t stick to the bottom of damp glasses. They also never scuff or scratch tables, like some ceramic and marble coasters tend to do. Choose from a variety of colours and shapes. Reviewers leave glowing comments, with some sharing how they’ve owned their felt coasters for over a decade, with no issues.

8. Best Baking Gift: FibraMent-D Rectangular Home Oven Baking Stone 

Serious bakers know that cookie sheets can’t beat baking stones when it comes to retaining heat. FibraMent-D’s ceramic baking stone goes right into the oven and then doesn’t need to be removed. It stabilises the oven’s temperature and stores heat so that any dough you place on it undergoes more even, concentrated heat exposure. The result? Baked goods see a puffy rise and a browned bottom. Pizzas come out crispy, and breads are beautifully crusted, while pastries emerge perfectly golden and flaky. The stone needs minimal maintenance as well; it just needs to be wiped clean after use. Pick it up for someone who loves baking, but remember to measure their oven’s dimensions before selecting the right stone.

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