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Help a loved one along in their digital detox journey by relaying your kudos through encouraging analogue presents. Image Credit: Pexels/seyfi durmaz

We all know that an unplugged way of life is easier said than done. If someone in your midst has taken that first brave step, become their cheerleader by supporting them with a purely offline gift. A digital detox essentially involves cutting out screens and any electronic devices for a period of time. While a loved one destresses and realigns their priorities in this time, pick up an analogue trinket or two to keep them entertained. Be it a crochet kit or a polaroid camera, let them know how much fun an offline world can be!

Our list of analogue gifts could kick off your own digital detox, so it's never too late to readjust your New Year's resolutions. We've picked trending items from Amazon that have shot to viral status on social media, and paid close attention to the ratings and reviews. Don't forget to become a Prime member to save more with free, same- or next-day delivery.

1. Best Record Player: Voksun Portable Bluetooth Vinyl Turntable


  • Plays three different sizes of vinyl records
  • Built-in speakers, along with the option for Bluetooth, AUX cable and flash drive
  • Decent sound quality
  • Vintage suitcase design makes it portable


  • Only available in the colour blue

You don't need Spotify or Apple Music to play your favourite tracks. Revert to vinyl records with this portable suitcase turntable. It has built-in stereo speakers, so you can choose to bypass the Bluetooth, flash drive, AUX cable and other input options available. The Voksun record player supports 7-, 10- and 12-inch vinyls with three different selectable speeds. Even with no record playing, the turntable is a charming vintage addition to the house. Several reviewers leave five stars on the sound quality, which stays true to the nostalgic crackles. They also find the built-in speakers sufficient. Wrap this gift up with a vinyl record or two from Amazon.

2. Best Instant Film Camera: Fujifilm Instax SQ1, Glacier Blue


  • Built-in selfie mirror
  • Prints large, square-shaped polaroids
  • Auto-exposure in dimlit shots
  • Comes with batteries


  • Instax Square films are sold separately

Let them know they can still capture their happiest moments without a smartphone, when you gift them a Fujifilm Instax SQ1. Unlike digital cameras, an instant film camera prints photos as soon as they're clicked. It's the perfect companion for a picnic or an afternoon walk. What of selfies? A small mirror next to the lens makes analogue selfies possible, too. Your order comes with two lithium batteries and a hand strap. Pick from three colours available, glacier blue, chalk white and terracotta orange, and then add a pack of Instax Square films, to complete the bundle.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh29 and two years for Dh47.

3. Best Outdoor Activity: Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker Skate


  • Modelled after regular sneakers
  • Ventilated upper
  • Speedy and smooth 70mm wheels
  • Excellent quality


  • Uncomfortable on arched feet, say some reviews

Gift them a pair of roller skates that pushes them to step out and explore the neighbourhood. These athletic skates by Roller Derby Elite look like regular sneakers, so they're great under any casual outfit. Expect a smooth ride on the 70mm-high rebound wheels, supported by soft uppers and a ventilated design. The pair is available in both women's and men's sizes. Happy skaters in the reviews say they're comfortable and durable. The wheels take on anything in their path, which is why beginners might find them a bit too swift, they note.

4. Best Puzzle: Rokr 3D Wooden Marble Puzzle, Night City

Three-dimensional puzzles are quite intricate and require a lot of patience, but once built, the finished product makes for a fantastic showpiece. This Rokr Night City wooden puzzle has 294 pieces and 10 marbles in the kit. After the piece is done, you can crank the gears to roll the marbles into four different channels. This brainteaser takes about seven hours to complete. Reviews say the instruction booklet can be confusing at times, but it's endlessly entertaining for those who have a knack for putting things together.

5. Best Musical Instrument: Newlam Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Keys

You must've spotted a Kalimba cover of a pop song here and there. This musical instrument has been in the spotlight on social media, for producing clear, lovely melodies. If your gift recipient is musically inclined, give them this handheld 'thumb piano'. It's made of thick, see-through acrylic with the notes embossed on each tine. A detailed guidebook covers the basics, to help you get started right out of the box. The order comes with a tuning hammer, too, though the instrument comes well-tuned in its package. Reviewers say the kalimba sounds exactly how it's supposed to, with lots of room for experimentation and creativity. They compare the notes to a music box.

6. Best Creative Gift: Hearth and Harbor 73-Piece Crochet Kit

Another trending offline activity on the internet has been crocheting. Encourage your digital detoxer to pick up a new hobby with this all-inclusive crochet kit for beginners. In it, you'll find 15 skeins of yarn, 21 crochet hooks and 37 helpful accessories, such as an organiser, safety pins, a thimble, measuring tape and more. Everything comes tucked away in a canvas tote. Reviewers have fashioned blankets out of this bundle, but they do note how it arrives with no instructions.

7. Best for Journaling: A5 Binder Leather Notebook, Lined Paper with 12 Markers

While they're giving their Notes app a break, tell them to transfer their thoughts to paper. This antique-looking leather binder has metal rivets for added protection. There are a total of 110 pages in the notebook, including 20 blank sheets, all thick enough to prevent bleeding. You can always add or remove pages, thanks to the metal binder rings. The order comes with a pack of 12 fine-tip colour markers to keep every journal entry interesting. Reviews also confirm that the book arrives in a gift box.

8. Best Board Game: Viper League Pro Dartboard Starter Set

How about a tournament-sized dartboard? The Viper League Pro is a quirky wall decor piece that is just as functional as it is stylish. This complete set includes an 18-inch sisal-fibre board, a cricket scoreboard with chalk and three steel-tip darts. It's a game they can enjoy with friends over, without any screens in sight. The fibres are so dense that the surface closes up as soon as the dart is removed. Reviewers attest to the authentic material and say that it's easy to mount on the wall, too, having it installed within five minutes.

9. Best Artistic Gift: Speta Animal Kingdom Book with 120 Vibrant Gel & Glitter Pens

For the artist on a digital detox, hop on the adult colouring book trend, and gift them this bundle. It features intricate floral drawings by Johanna Basford in her ever-popular colouring book 'Animal Kingdom'. These intricate drawings are so detailed that it can take hours to colour a single sheet. There's a pack of 120 ink pens to help you get started right away, coming in an assortment of different types, from glitter and metallic to pastel and standard. Or, you could add this set of 12 pro markers by Winsor and Newton.

10. Best Family Game: Gosports Magna Soccer Tabletop Board Game

Bring back the Fifa fever with a tabletop game of football. This exciting version of the game uses magnetic pieces to control the players from under the wooden board. There are only two 'magna' players on the pitch and three balls, along with instructions listing the game rules. Reviewers love the fresh spin on football and say that it has kept the family occupied for hours.

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