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Kick off Eid break with an entire roster of exciting board games that don't involve any smartphone, laptop or computer. Image Credit: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Introduce children to the ultimate entertainment of yesteryears, this sprir ng break. Board games are classic brain teasers for the entire family, with no screens in sight. It's hours of endless fun when you have a solid collection at home, whether slow-paced strategy games or competitive word games.

With schools out and New Year almost here, dive into our list of expert-picked trending board games to keep the kids engaged. We asked Celeste Haridas, social media manager at Unwind Specialty Boardgame Cafe, Dubai, home to over 800 table-top and card games, for the most-played titles by children and teens, alike.

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1. Best Overall: Days Of Wonder Ticket To Ride: Europe

A hit with young adolescents, says Haridas, Ticket To Ride is a fast-paced game played with two to five players at a time. Travel across the continent of Europe via train routes, connecting famous cities on the map with the train cars and cards dealt to you. A player scores every time they claim a route between two cities on the map - the one with the highest points wins. If you manage to complete a longer continuous route, you can earn even more points. Beware of opponents erecting train stations to break or steal your route! This pack comes with both English and Arabic instructions.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged eight and above

2. Best Word Game: Hasbro Wordle The Party Game

If the family is a fan of Wordle, toss your phones for this offline version of the popular word game. The set contains dry-erase boards and markers for unlimited gameplay, along with green and yellow tiles to mark the letters. You can play in a group of four or just two players, trying to guess the five-letter word in the fewest tries possible. Increase the difficulty level in timed or fast mode.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged 14 and above

3. Best for Young Kids: Monopoly Junior: Peppa Pig Edition

A classic game of Monopoly might be too complex for the little ones, but this Peppa Pig-themed variation will keep them hooked. With its delightful illustrations and familiar locations - Potato City, Playgroup and Peppa's House - kids will be able to enjoy and follow the simplified rules of Monopoly. Up to four players get to play a round, sometimes moving around the board as Peppa Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig or George Pig. It'll also help young children practice their counting as they buy properties with Monopoly cash. Children as young as three have had successful gameplay, say reviews.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged five and above

4. Best Family Game: Hasbro The Game of Life Board Game

The second-most popular board game title at the Unwind cafe is The Game of Life, according to Haridas. It's a lot like playing The Sims in the offline world, with a mix of Monopoly. Plan out your life the way you want it, using action cards, all the way until retirement. At the Stop signs, players can pick one of two paths for a new twist in their life. You can take a risk and choose to invest your money, since the player with the most cash wins. Go up against a sibling or play with mum and dad in a game of four. Haridas says you can choose from different editions, from Super Mario to the Junior version.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged eight and above

5. Best Multi-Player: Calliope Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Up to eight players can tackle this board game of path forging. Suitable for older kids, Tsuro: The Game of the Path allows for plenty of opportunities to strategise and confuse opponents. Place a tile to create a path for your marker stone, and try to be the last player standing on the board to win. Reviewers say it's deceptively simple with easy rules, but requires players to think a couple of moves ahead. They also recommend playing with as many players as possible to increase the difficulty level.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged eight and above

6. Best Budget: Jumbo Sequence Strategy Game

Who doesn't love a good old game of Sequence? Get up to 12 people on board the jumbo version of Sequence, complete with 150 marker chips and 104 cards. The objective is simple: create a sequence of five chips in a row, with the cards you have. Block your opponents when they're about to complete their row using a chip of your own. Reviews say senior members of the family have an easier time seeing the cards on the jumbo mat, which can be placed on the floor or the dining table.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged seven and above

7. Best Strategy Game: Superheated Neurons Catan Base Game

Teach children how to negotiate, bargain and strategise when they play as settlers in Catan. This Middle East version contains instructions in both English and Arabic. The long-running game, lasting about one to two hours, revolves around a fictional isle called Catan, where settlers have to compete for scarce resources. Reviews leave five-star ratings saying it's a must-have board game for any family. You can purchase the extension pack to get six settlers in a single round.

Age rating: Suitable for children aged 10 and above

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