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From dehydrated to acne-prone skin, these Korean skincare sets tackle most skincare troubles at a value price. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Who doesn't love Korean beauty? Ask around and you'll be sure to find a skincare enthusiast with an envious collection of K-beauty products. Whether it was their favourite K-pop stars who inspired them or TikTok reviewers who convinced them, testers quickly become loyal for one truth: Korean beauty is built on natural, plant-derived goodness that focuses on hydrating and healing the skin.

If your mum is in search of holistic anti-ageing skincare, or your sister has been eyeing popular brands like Innisfree, Cosrx and Round Lab, a skincare set will give them access to everything they need. Pre-arranged bundles are a lot like discovery sets, allowing the user to try different products so that they can make a full-sized purchase in the future.

Plus, you're also going to save time and money by picking up a set, instead of shopping for the products separately. Most value bundles will take you from step one to step four in your routine, offering cleansers, toners, serums and moisturisers.

Before you add anything to the cart, it'd be helpful to know your recipient's skin troubles in advance - are they looking to stay hydrated this winter? Do they want a glass skin finish or do they suffer from frequent acne breakouts? Find the best skincare set for each concern below and check out more beauty deals ahead of Valentine's Day. Shop with Prime to get free delivery, even from Amazon UK and US stores.

1. Best Set for Anti-Ageing: Sooryehan Hyobidam Fermented Skincare Gift Set

Here's a premium gift set to pamper mum or a significant other by Sooryehan, LG Beauty's luxury cosmetics brand that's been previously repped by famous Korean actors like Park Minyoung. The bundle is a collection of its Hyobidam range, steeped in fermented ingredients to help diminish fine lines and deliver intense hydration. It houses stunning red bottles and tubs, worthy of display on the vanity, consisting of a fermented toner, emulsion, essence, cream, eye cream and cleansing foam. Each product is infused with traditional herbal ingredients, namely wild ginseng from Mount Jiri in South Korea, which fights signs of visible ageing. Hydration comes from the fermented silver mushroom extract, known to be much more powerful than hyaluronic acid. Reviewers find their skin retaining moisture for longer with this set, reporting radiant results just after three days of use. Many claim that the set is better than any luxury skincare they've tried from Shiseido, Sulhwasoo and Chanel.

2. Best for All Skin Types: Innisfree Hydration Heroes With Green Tea Set

Innisfree offers a four-step starter set for hydration and sebum control via its green tea line. There are two full-size products in this bundle, the brand's bestselling serum and cleanser, together with smaller samples of the toner and moisturiser infused with hyaluronic acid. All items hone in on dry skin with amino acid-rich hydration. Green tea extract is also a wonder ingredient on its own, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Those with combination, sensitive and dry skin types have become repeat buyers of this set, noting how it keeps the oil on the skin balanced. Plus, if your sister is a fan of girl group member Wonyoung from IVE, then they're going to love using the same products endorsed by their K-pop role model, add reviews.

3. Best for Dry Skin: Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Hydration Set

Winter months call for an upgrade in our skincare routine, especially if travel is planned. Gift the Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic set to someone who's jetting off soon. From the same brand behind the viral lip masks, this hydration bundle stars the full-sized version of the iconic Blue Hyaluronic moisturiser, alongside mini variations of the toner, serum and eye cream. Laneige's Blue HA formula is stronger for featuring fermented deep-sea algae, promising 100 hours of hydration via the moisturiser, while squalane, ceramide, green tea enzyme and peptides seal in more moisture and exfoliate and tighten the skin. Reviewers purchase the set for the moisturiser but stay for everything else it offers. Since the products are small enough to fit in a pouch, buyers pack them up for long-haul flights.

4. Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Pyunkang Yul Calming Line Gift Box Set

Acne-prone skin types look for non-comedogenic skincare, one that calms angry zits, controls sebum production and improves texture. Pyunkang Yul has just the range for soothing, with ingredients found in Nature and Eastern medicine. Its calming line consists of three products: a toner with five kinds of Centella asiatica, white willow bark extract for removing excess sebum and mild exfoliating acids that target bumpy skin; a moisture serum with ceramide and peptides; and a hyaluronic acid-based cream for repairing a compromised skin barrier. Reviewers call the set a bang for your buck, praising the lightweight texture of the products and how easily everything absorbs into the skin. It receives rave reviews from buyers who have sensitive skin, since the set has little to no fragrance.

5. Best Comprehensive Travel Kit: Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Travel Kit

For a more comprehensive travel kit with similar soothing effects, look to Skin1004's Madagascar Centella set. Between the oil cleanser and the moisturiser, there are five skincare steps and each travel essential is under 30ml, so the bundle can come right with you on a flight. All products feature the anti-inflammatory plant Centella asiatica, sourced from Madagascar. You'll also find a foam cleanser, an acidic toner, a 100 per cent Centella asiatica ampoule, and a 72 per cent Centella asiatica soothing cream in the kit. So many report switching to full-sized versions of the bottles after seeing glowing results on their travels. Some reviewers were also able to tackle blemishes on the face.

6. Best for Glass Skin: Cosrx Honey Glow Kit

The legendary snail mucin kit by Cosrx would make a great option, if your recipient hasn't already given it a shot. Wrap up the brand's Honey Glow set, instead, which gets accolades from even K-pop artists like Jeon Somi. This three-product kit does what it says on the tin - brings out the natural glow from within, using black bee propolis complex. Made up of propolis, honey and royal jelly extracts, the ingredient delivers moisture and antioxidants to dehydrated skin. Your glow treatment starts with the toner, the ampoule and finally, the cream to lock it all in. Reviewers find the set especially helpful with hydration after using moisture-stripping exfoliants and treatments. It comes in handy for healing sunburnt skin, too.

7. Best in Korea: Round Lab 1025 Dokdo On The Go Kit

Round Lab consistently ranks high on K-beauty apps, so gift them something that's actually popular in South Korea. The brand's on-the-go kit features mini versions of its bestselling products: the 1025 Dokdo cleanser, toner and lotion. The Dokdo line uses mineral-rich deep seawater from the South Korean island Ulleungdo, which helps in soothing irritated skin. The foamy cleanser is slightly acidic to help with clearing excess sebum and the toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Follow it up with the lightweight lotion that has triple hyaluronic acid to retain moisture for longer. It's a minimal skincare set that does away with multiple steps.

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