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The right fragrance can boost your loved one's confidence, make them cherish old memories, and put a smile on their face. Image Credit: Pexels/Babi Galeane

Welcome the next special occasion by giving the women in your life an elegant gift: perfume. Who knows? It could become your mum's, sister's, wife's or friend's next signature scent. Since scent triggers memory, people tend to remember each other by the fragrance they wear, even years later, so select a fragrance that becomes part of your loved one's identity.

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Dive into our curated list of women's fragrances. Whether your loved ones prefer mild top notes or heavier florals, we picked the best perfumes of them all. Don’t forget to get an Amazon Prime subscription for free one-day delivery, and check out loads of other discounts on gifts.

1. Best Overall: Gucci Bloom, 50ml

A tangy floral scent for the ages – Gucci Bloom is freshness and elegance in a bottle. There’s a bit of sandalwood and orris root in here, mixed with jasmine, honeysuckle and orange for the ultimate daily fragrance. The house of Gucci recommends it for casual wear, so it’d be the perfect after-shower spray-on for everyday use. Plus, the opaque pinkish beige bottle is going to look fantastic sitting on the vanity.

2. Best Budget: 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, 125ml

This chic, sophisticated perfume by Elizabeth Arden was introduced in 1996 and is a great scent to wear during the day. The top notes of the perfume start with a fresh tinge of lilac, linden blossom, and dewy magnolia, along with a zesty and fruity scent of mandarin and bergamot. The heart notes carry Bulgarian pink violet, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Indian tuberose, peach, carnation, and nutmeg for a sweet aroma. The base notes contain amber, Tibetan musk, sandalwood, and iris for a woody scent.

3. Best Perfume Oil: Swiss Arabian Amaali 996, 15ml

You can’t not consider a long-lasting bottle of attar in the Middle East, especially for the mums. This concentrated perfume oil by Swiss Arabian is Amaali, and it’s made right here in the UAE. Think pineapple mixed with rose mixed with musk, vanilla and caramel. The fruity perfume oil, applied lightly to the insides of the wrists and behind the ears, stays on your person for over 12 hours. This is the scent you’re looking for to wear before the guests arrive for dinner!

4. Best for Young Women: Ari by Ariana Grande for Women, Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Is this perfume best for someone who is a fan of the singer? Sure, but this perfume is also made for those who lean towards sweet fruity and floral scents, including marshmallow! Floral fragrances come from roses, and fruit from pear, grapefruit and raspberry. It leaves behind a musky, sweet scent. The best part? The reviewers love how the perfume lingers on clothing days and weeks after it was sprayed on.

5. Best Timeless Perfume: Coach New York, 90ml

A fragrance for women by Coach, New York is meant to be timeless and modern at the same time. It opens with a sparkling raspberry scent with Turkish roses at its heart, then it withers to a musk base. The middle notes also weave in spicy hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s subtle at times and strong at others – Coach recommends spraying directly on the skin rather than clothes.

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