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Keep your cards together, safe and secure, with wallets that snap onto your Apple device magnetically. Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Sometimes, when you’re heading out the door, all you want to carry are the bare essentials: your phone, keys and wallet.

Even traditional wallets may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to the integration of digital versions like Apple and Google Wallet. Just like their physical counterparts, you can use digital wallets to store your identification cards, credit cards, public transport cards, reward points cards and more.

So, as our purses and conventional wallets get lighter and more pointless to carry around, it might be time to look for innovative solutions. For Apple users, one such answer comes in the form of MagSafe wallets. A streamlined way to keep your cards and cash secure and attached to your iPhone, these slim wallets snap on via magnetic technology.

They are ideal to have on hand, especially when travelling or for nights out. Pick up your favourite with Amazon Prime and get it delivered to you as early as tomorrow.

1. Best Overall: Native Union (Re)Classic Wallet

A beautifully designed wallet that’s classy, slim and elegant, Native Union’s MagSafe wallet keeps things simple. It’s handcrafted with yatay, a plant-based material in Italy, and finished in a smooth, cross-grained design for an overall eco-friendly appeal. The wallet has the capacity for three cards, and there’s no radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking, so you can just tap the wallet on card readers when you need to pay for something, or access a building – there’s no need to actually pull out your card. The wallet is available in black and a lovely tan yellow that the brand calls ‘kraft’.

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2. Best Capacity: OtterBox Detachable Wallet 

Like other MagSafe wallets on our list, OtterBox’s slim offering has a standard capacity of three, making it perfect for your ID, debit and credit cards. But here’s where it stands out from the rest. It’s one of the few brands that makes a MagSafe wallet with a concealed pocket for cash – a small tweak that’s useful when you’re travelling, or just need to make a small purchase and don’t want to tap your card. Made with synthetic leather, the wallet is soft and durable, with a strong magnetic attachment.

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3. Best with Kickstand: Spigen Smart Fold MagFit Wallet 

Taking things up a notch, Spigen’s MagFit Wallet doesn’t just offer storage for your cards, it’s tri-fold design transforms the wallet into a kickstand. Reviewers like how they can then view their phone in both vertical or horizontal positions. The wallet cover can be adjusted up and down for the best viewing angle, as well. Additionally, there’s a privacy flap that keeps your cards covered and protected at all times. But do note that the wallet accommodates just two cards, and you’ll have to keep them in place to support the kickstand and get it to work.

4. Best with Case: Bellroy Mod Case + Wallet 

If you’re looking to protect your phone as well, consider this dynamic duo by Bellroy. The Mod pack includes the brand’s popular Flip Case, which completely encloses your cards, keeping them secure in a stylish but discrete way. Just open a magnetic trapdoor to access the card you need. The wallet attaches to a smooth, tough case with strong magnets. Premium leather is used to craft both the case and wallet, and there is a range of colours to choose from.

5. Best Durable: Case-Mate Pelican Magnetic Wallet 

A heavy-duty card holder, Case-Mate’s Pelican wallet is constructed with military grade drop protection, and features an IPX4 rating for water and dust resistance. Strong magnets on the back help it to snap onto your iPhone, keeping it attached even during any roughhousing or manhandling. The wallet is spacious, too – it has two compartments that hold up to four cards, as well as cash. Because of its rugged design, though, it is bulkier than other wallets on this list.

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Warranty: The manufacturer provides one-year limited warranty.

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