Baby bouncers offer a safe, entertaining zone for your newborn to rest, and free you up to complete other tasks. Image Credit: Shutterstock

No matter how much you (or your baby) love the feeling, it’s just not practical to hold your newborn in your arms all day long. What do you do if you need to make a quick meal, or take a shower? Placing baby in the crib and moving away is an option, if you are able to keep an eye on them through a baby monitor. But usually, if they’re awake, little ones are not happy about being left alone, especially if they know mum or dad is around. 

A great solution is a baby swing or bouncer. Many parents find that these secure seats are an engaging spot for infants, and can even soothe fussy babies. They’re highly portable and can be moved around the house so that you can tend to other tasks while making sure your baby is happy and safe.

But, which kind of seat is right for your family? Bouncers or rockers are usually lightweight and sit low to the ground, and they’re powered by the baby’s own movements. Swings, on the other hand, tend to be heavier and are mechanically powered, with many flaunting features like rocking motions, sounds and vibrations. While both are not must-have baby items, they offer convenience and peace of mind for frazzled new parents who’d like to shorten their to-do lists.

Do keep in mind, however, that according to the American Academy of Paediatrics, these products are not approved for safe sleep. So, make sure your infant is always under supervision, and move them to the crib when they doze off.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for baby bouncers and swings, based on the best-rated user reviews on Amazon. Pick up your favourite for yourself or as a baby shower gift, with Prime membership, and get it as soon as tomorrow. 

1. Best Overall: BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft 


  • Light but sturdy
  • Folds flat
  • Converts into a chair for older babies


  • Needs manual movement triggers
  • Expensive

A no-fuss baby bouncer that’s sturdy and stylish, BabyBjörn tops lists worldwide because of its ergonomic build and design. Reviewers say it’s extremely responsive to baby’s movements, creating a pleasant rocking motion when the infant moves around. The seat supports children up to 13kg, so it’s suitable for toddlers – the bouncer can be converted into a toddler chair once your little one grows out of it. It’s also perfect for travel and storage. The bouncer folds completely flat and it’s light enough to take with you anywhere you like. Although expensive, it’s a good investment – it will last for several years and hold up to use with your next child, as well.

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2. Best Convertible Bouncer: Ingenuity Convertme Swing-2-Seat 


  • Two-in-one design
  • Features five automatic swing settings
  • Includes 12 melodies and four Nature sounds
  • Foldable design
  • Long battery life


  • Can be tricky to set up
  • Only suitable for babies up to nine months

Whether you want your child to be in a stationary seat or a swing, Ingenuity’s Convertme swing is capable of handling both. Its two-in-one design easily converts from swing to vibrating seat, and you can select from five different settings. The swing also plays music and Nature sounds, and includes a stuffed toy on a pivoting toy bar, to keep your baby entertained. Although some reviewers found set up to be a little complicated, they said the swing is easy to fold up and store. Do note, however, that it’s only safe for babies until they are nine months old or have reached a weight of nine kilograms.

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3. Best Premium: Graco Soothe My Way Swing with Removable Rocker, Madden 


  • Plush fabric and support
  • Multi-directional, removable rocker
  • Excellent features


  • Expensive

This might just be the tallest baby bouncer you’ve ever seen – but by virtue of its vertical design, it saves a lot of space. Graco’s Soothe My Way Swing doubles as a removable rocker that you can easily move around the home. The seat is very comfortable, thanks to its plush padding, and is multi-directional. It features three recline positions, six swinging speeds, two vibration modes, and 15 songs and sounds, so your little one will be comfortable and entertained for hours in this bouncer. It also comes with an adjustable toy bar and two soft toys. Reviewers say their children feel so relaxed, they fall asleep within minutes in this bouncer. It’s definitely a luxe pic worthy of the most precious member of your family.

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4. Best Budget: Bright Starts Vibrating Baby Bouncer, Flamingo Vibes 


  • Light, portable design
  • Includes a toy bar with spinning toys
  • Features soothing vibration
  • Easy to clean


  • Only suitable for children up to six months old

If you’re not interested in too many bells and whistles, and the hefty price tag that usually comes attached, opt for Bright Starts’ baby bouncer. This lightweight, portable bouncer is affordable, but still has many fun additions for your infant. It features a toy bar with three spinning toys, including a mirror for self-discovery. The bouncer also powers on with soothing vibrations via a switch. Reviewers like its light and portable design, and the fact that the seat pad can be completely removed and cleaned in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. However, it’s only suitable for children with a maximum weight of 9kg (or approximately six months old).

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5. Best Value: Baby Trend EZ Bouncer, Bluebell 


  • Light, portable design
  • Removable toy bar
  • Features vibration and melodies


  • Melodies can be loud, reviewers say

Another affordable pick is Baby Trend’s EZ Bouncer, which offers the same comfortable seating, three-point safety harness and portability that you’d expect from any budget bouncer – and more. This rocker also includes a removable toy bar, with two attached toys, along with vibration and music settings that you can toggle with a control panel. Some reviewers say they wish they could control the volume of the melodies, which can be quite loud. But overall, the convenience and portability of this bouncer offer a lot for its price.

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