Make life a whole lot easier by keeping your purse organised and full of essential items to help you go through your day. Image Credit: Unsplash/Leisara Creative Studio

No matter what brand you prefer, if you’re a woman, it’s likely your handbag is a reflection of who you are. We’re not talking about the exterior of your purse, but rather what lies within. For some women, their planner-organiser is the most important item in there, and for others, always having a box of crayons at hand for their bored kids, is a must. While priorities differ, every woman likely carries a few essential items that she needs, regardless of her lifestyle or background. Here, we share a curated list with you, of some of our favourite picks. Be ready for surprises, as you read on, and become an Amazon Prime member for free, fast delivery!

1. Himai Purse Organiser Insert 

Handbags come with their own interior pockets and sleeves, but do you often feel they’re never enough? Take control of organising your handbag with this insert. Incredibly efficient, there are 13 pockets in this organiser, with a detachable zippered pocket in the middle that can be used as a separate wallet. Made of sturdy felt cloth, it’s light and big enough to fit notebooks, cosmetics and even an iPad or Kindle. You can select the size that’s suitable for your own handbag, and pick from six versatile colours. Hermione would be proud!

2. Uonlytech Purse Light (2 Pieces) 

No more rummaging in your purse, in the darkness of your car or while you walk down the street in the evening. This heart-shaped bag illuminator doesn’t just look cute, it’s practical and durable. Just drop it into your bag and clip it onto an interior pocket. It activates with a light touch, and emits a soft glow, so you can easily view your bag’s interiors on evenings out.

3. Refillable Perfume Atomiser, Black and Gold, 5ml 

Your cherished bottle of Chanel Mademoiselle may be too precious to take along with you on a night out, but that shouldn’t stop you from spritzing it on whenever you like. Pick up this travel perfume atomiser, which is small enough to be approved by the US-based Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for on-flight travel. Add your favourite scent to it through its easy pump refill system and pop it in your purse so you always have your favourite fragrance at hand. There are five sets of colours to choose from!

4. wobsion Led Compact Mirror 

A double-sided folding mirror that’s slim, compact, and simulates daylight with LED lights? It’s a winner, and a must-have for your purse. The mirror offers 10X magnification as well, and comes with a charging cable so that you can always keep its light strip powered up (charging takes just one to two hours). You can even dim the light, based on your preference. This is a new-age purse mirror, and we can see why.

5. Promate USB-C Power Bank 

Small but powerful, Promate’s portable charger is sleek and lightweight, making it extremely easy to carry around in your purse. With up to 22W power delivery and 3.0 ports for quick charging, you can charge two devices simultaneously, and an LED indicator keeps you informed about the power bank’s battery level. It’s tiny, efficient and a must-have for your handbag, so that your devices never run out of juice and leave you stranded.

6. Sothing Fabric Shaver, Red 

If lint is the bane of your existence, especially when you notice it five minutes before a presentation at work, it’s worth saving space in your bag for Sothing’s fabric shaver. With three different mesh sizes that remove all kinds of lint from fabric, this fuzz remover can be used on cotton, polyester and even silk. It’s compact, cute and stylish, and quickly charges to full capacity with its Type-C charger.

7. MoChic Flat Water Bottle 

Forget awkward, tall, cylindrical water bottles that always keep one of your hands occupied. MoChic’s flat water bottle is designed to fit in any bag, so it’s the perfect way to transport your water bottle without any hassle. Made of high-quality, BPA-free materials, the bottle has a leather carry strap, and a silicone seal that’s leak-free. Every bottle offers about 384ml of water – perfect for quenching thirst, without weighing down your handbag. Slide it into an interior pocket and stay hydrated!

8. Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit 

Ever spotted a hangnail on your finger, or rough edges around your nails, and wished you had your nail clipper or nail file with you in the middle of the day? Problem solved. This nifty travel set keeps your nails looking fresh for the ‘gram, when you’re on the go. With a nail clipper, cuticle snipper, nail cleaner and nail file, this travel-sized nail rescue set needs to have a special, reserved space in your purse.

9. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover (Pack of 6) 

Lunch at work can sometimes see ketchup ending up on your blouse. Not to worry, Tide To Go offers a quick and stress-free fix, with its stain removing pens. They’re so useful, we recommend buying a whole pack so all your family members have them on hand, when they go out for a bite.

10. Brandless Handbag Holder Purse Hook (6 Pieces) 

If you hate putting your bag on the floor for even a second, at restaurants or cafes, this purse hook will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Just pop it onto the edge of any table, and it will hold up your bag for you. The hook is capable of carrying up to 10kg of weight – remember, even carry-on luggage in flights is lesser than that, at 7kg! Foldable and with a magnetic closure, the purse holders slip right into your handbag, for easy storage.

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